7-Eleven now offers reusable and 100% recyclable tumbler - Alvinology

7-Eleven now offers reusable and 100% recyclable tumbler

In a move towards sustainability and in line with the Singapore government’s calls for the public to bring their own reusable food containers when purchasing food, convenience store chain, 7-Eleven has rolled out a reusable and portable tumbler made from 100% recyclable materials in Singapore.

While disposable paper cups are often thought of as environmentally friendly, they are actually deceptively harmful. The thin plastic or wax film on the inner surface that makes a paper cup waterproof means that most paper recycling plants are unable to process these cups, resulting in them being incinerated or sent to landfill – and neither is particularly good for the environment.

Did you also know that because of industry requirements, disposable paper cups are often made out of virgin tree pulp instead of recycled paper? In fact, 50 kilograms of paper cups are discarded everyday, contributing to already overflowing landfills.

Enter 7Café’s new tumbler

7-Eleven now offers reusable and 100% recyclable tumbler - Alvinology

Genuinely eco-friendly

Designed to be eco-friendly while fully functional, the 7Café Tumbler contains an outer thermal insulation layer made from used paper coffee cups. And unlike its disposable counterpart, the tumbler is reusable and 100% recyclable. Thoughtfully designed for up to 10 years of use, every 7Café Tumbler purchased is a contribution to the global effort to reduce waste and adopt reusable and recyclable materials.

7-Eleven now offers reusable and 100% recyclable tumbler - Alvinology

Practical and versatile

The tumbler’s intuitive design allows the user to easily open it with one hand by pushing the lid down, and its insulation layer made of recycled paper cups ensures that your drink will stay warm (or cold) for at least 45 minutes, making it ideally suited for the beverage of your choice. The 7Café tumbler has also done away with the pesky lid opening that most of its competitors feature, providing the added convenience of a 360-degree drinking experience. Available for just S$15, the UK-made tumbler was also designed to be completely leak-proof and allows you to open and drink from it as you would with a typical coffee cup.

Perfect with affordable all-day breakfast combos from 7-Eleven

The new 7Café Tumbler is the ideal complement to 7-Eleven’s new selection of breakfast delights. After all, what better way to start your day than with a hearty breakfast and a nice cup of coffee?

7-Eleven now offers reusable and 100% recyclable tumbler - Alvinology

From now till 7 July, enjoy All-Day Breakfast with your coffee at 7-Eleven with a new range of breakfast combos ranging from S$2 to S$4.  Options include 7-Eleven’s Honey Chicken Pau, paired with a packet of Milo Active Go Less Sugar, at S$2; or pick a Small Chicken Pau or any of 7-Eleven’s 7DAYS Croissant (any flavour), together with a Lipton Milk Tea 300ml (Original or Chocolate) for the same price.            

7-Eleven now offers reusable and 100% recyclable tumbler - Alvinology

Just add a dollar for one of 7-Eleven’s S$3 combos, such as a 7-Select Scrambled Egg with Chicken Ham Wrap together with a classic 7-Café Americano or a Yeo’s Soy Bean Milk 350ml. Other food options at S$3 include the 7-Select Scrambled Egg Burger with Chicken Sausage, the 7-Select Mee Goreng, and the Chicken Luncheon Onigiri.

7-Eleven now offers reusable and 100% recyclable tumbler - Alvinology

For those with even bigger appetites, check out 7-Eleven’s S$4 breakfast combos. Choose from a wide variety of 7-Select meal options, such as the Homestyle Fried Bee Hoon or any of 7-Select’s range of premium sandwiches, including the Tuna SandwichClub SandwichChicken Ham Combo Sandwich, and Chicken Luncheon Meat & Scrambled Egg Sandwich.

Craving for something fancy? Try the heavenly Sweet and Spicy Tuna Croissant. Paired with a 7-Café Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, or Hot Chocolate, this hearty S$4 combo is sure to fuel you for the day ahead.


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