The Theatre Practice announces the imminent release of the second instalment of The Nursery Rhymes Project, a three-part initiative created to revive classic Mandarin nursery rhymes.

The Theatre Practice’s The Nursery Rhymes Project preserves the classic melodies and stories we grew up loving while offering a modern refresh so they can be enjoyed by future generations.

The series offers multiple entry-points into the world of Mandarin nursery rhymes in the form of:

  1. Sing Our Songs – music album
  2. Paint Our Songs – illustrated lyric book
  3. Imagine Our Songs – live performance

As parents struggle to find new resources to entertain and engage their young ones during this circuit breaker period, the need for quality materials has never been more apparent.

The fun and entertainment nursery rhymes bring will also allow children to create a positive relationship with the Chinese language and culture. Practice strongly believes that learning Mandarin is more effective when the child can access language beyond a purely functional or academic approach.

As their first exposure to Mandarin, Nursery rhymes then becomes a bridge to allow for a more accessible way of connecting with the language. resounding success. The songs were listened to and streamed over 170,000 times, and over 4,000 copies of the books have reached families around the world.

Meanwhile, the touring show has touched thousands of children through school shows and community outreach programmes all across Singapore. Now, families and educators alike can look forward to more songs and more stories in May 2020.

The Much-Anticipated Sequel

The “Sing Our Songs 2” album will feature 13 new songs and will be released in May 2020 on Spotify and Apple Music. Arranged by award-winning musician Julian Wong, the songs are recorded by Singapore’s best musical theatre talents including Joanna Dong, Juni Goh (MICappella), Ric Liu (Dreamz FM), Ethel Yap, Frances Lee, and more.

The “Paint Our Songs 2” illustrated lyric book featuring exclusive illustrations from Singaporean illustrator Lee Kow Fong (Ah Guo) will be available for purchase at The Theatre Practice and other selected bookstores from 20 June 2020 onwards.

Finally, an expanded version of “Imagine Our Songs” will debut at M1 Patch! A Theatre Festival of Artful Play in July – August 2020. New stories will also be added to the “Imagine Our Songs” jukebox musical touring version and will be available in customisable options for school and home bookings.

More information can be found here. Stay tuned to The Theatre Practice’s Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.