Going meatless for Vesak Day?

Quorn and REBEL are here to provide you with a few delicious meatless delivery options during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period.

With the rise of the conscious consumer and the meatless movement gaining ground in Singapore, global meat-free brand Quorn is committed to making tasty food that is both nutritious and sustainable. Recently, they teamed up with REBEL, a sandwich joint with the mission to improve their customers’ health by launching a series of vegetarian and vegan sandwiches.

Aptly named, The Vegan H.A.L.T.($8.25), Pure Vegan ($7.60), Healthy Boss ($9.80) and Healthy ($7.60), these sandwiches feature different sandwich fillings of Quorn’s spicy patties and nuggets.

The Vegan H.A.L.T.
The Vegan H.A.L.T. ($8.25)
Pure Vegan ($7.60)
Pure Vegan ($7.60)
Healthy Boss ($9.80)
Healthy ($7.60)

Healthy features Quorn’s Mycoprotein nuggets (protein made from a naturally occurring fungus); Pure Vegan features Quorn’s spicy patties and Tempeh (traditional Indonesian soy cake); Healthy Boss features Quorn’ spicy patties; while The Vegan H.A.L.T. features Quorn’s spicy patty, salsa, avocado, lecture and tomato.

I particularly enjoyed the Vegan H.A.L.T. and Pure Vegan. I am a meat lover and probably won’t be able to go on a full, pure vegetarian diet. The spicy patties work for me though and they actually tasted pretty delicious. The additional of the traditional Indonesian Tempeh to the sandwich also gives a nice touch of modern fusion.

Eager to sample Quorn and REBEL’s meatless collaboration sandwiches? REBEL is available for takeaways & island wide deliveries. Visit the official website for more details.

Giveaway for Alvinology readers

In a special partnership with Quorn and REBEL, we are giving away 4 sets of 2 x Quorn sandwiches with 2 drinks.*

To join the giveaway:

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*Redemption for the 4 sets are available for both dine-in (after the Circuit Breaker period) and takeaways and valid for up to 3 months from the date of issue. Winners will receive a redemption letter to present at either of the two REBEL’s outlet at 111 Somerset and the three-month validity period is effective from the date of presenting the letter.