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Virus Vanguards, Meet the Simple Tans

During this difficult Covid-19 Circuit Breaker period, maybe what we need are ordinary heroes than superpower heroes.

Launched by, in collaboration with Singapore artist group, Band of Doodlers, the Virus Vanguards were created with the good intent to rally the nation in our fight against Covid-19. However, they did not seem to be well-received, drawing mix responses from the public. Within a day of their launch, the Virus Vanguards have since been taken offline.

Virus Vanguards, Meet the Simple Tans - Alvinology

As a simple tribute to the Virus Vanguards to accomplish their sacred mission, I created a small group of ordinary heroes this morning.

Virus Vanguard, we would like you to meet the Tans, a simple family in Singapore doing their part in the global battle against Covid-19:

Virus Vanguards, Meet the Simple Tans - Alvinology
(Left to Right) Mr. Tan, Mrs. Tan, Mark Tan, Kelly Tan, Grandma Tan

Mr. Tan, 45

Mr. Tan is a civil servant working in the Ministry of Health in the public relations and communications department. He is still working during Circuit Breaker as he is an essential service worker. While he is not directly at the frontline like some of his medical colleagues, Mr. Tan do his part by ensuring communications about Covid-19 is communicated to the public clearly, accurately and timely. He respects embargoes, do not circulate fake or unverified news and would remind his friends and family members to do the same to combat fake news.

Superpower: ability to counter fake news and stop their spread.

Mrs. Tan, 42

Mrs. Tan is a Science teacher in a primary school and also a mother of two. After the Circuit Breaker, Mrs. Tan has been busy preparing online lessons for her primary school classes. She inject fun facts about virus prevention, sanitisation and hygiene into her lessons, hoping to inspire the next generation of virologists and epistemologist to fight against global pandemics in the future.

Superpower: inspiring and educating the next generation of healthcare and pandemic heroes.

Mark Tan, 12

Mark Tan is in primary six this year and preparing for his PSLE examinations. He busies himself with home-based learning and tries not to disturb his parents who are working from home. Mark do his part by washing his hands regularly and wearing a mask when he has to go out. He has stopped going to the playground or nearby swimming pool for leisure. In fact, Mark has been mostly home throughout the Circuit Breaker, keeping in touch with his friends through video calls. He knows he has a responsible not to get Covid-19 as grandma stays with the family and she is in the vulnerable group. Even though he is young, Mark understand the coronavirus affects everyone and the socially responsible thing is to stay at home for now for the greater good.

Superpower: care and consideration for others, even at a young age.

Kelly Tan, 5

Kelly is the baby in the family. She is still in pre-school and though she does not truly understand the pandemic situation, Kelly’s cheerful optimism and baby enthusiasm is what keeps the Tan family sane during this period. Family togetherness is everything and Kelly is the gel that bonds everyone.

Superpower: cuteness overload, bringing cheer and joy to the family.

Grandma Tan, 72

Grandma Tan has been through several recessions and seen the worse of times. However, this Covid-19 pandemic and recession is fast developing to be the worst yet. Grandma Tan is in the vulnerable group because of her age and pre-existing medical conditions. While she was initially upset she can’t head down to the market to meet her friends for daily socialising, she understands the need for measures like social distancing and wearing masks at all times for the greater good. Grandma Tan still go to the markets, but at off-peak timing and just to buy fresh ingredient to prepare healthy and good food for the whole family. She did not engage in panic buying because she has been through difficult times and believes we should show care and considerations for others. She believes better days will return and is keeping positive. To stay healthy, Grandma Tan goes for morning walks everyday at 5am when there is less people outdoor and wear her mask at all times when she is out.

Superpower: grandmother love, hardship experience and also humility to not abuse her authoritative position as a Merdeka Generation.

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