As if we didn’t have to worry about more shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic, cheap webcams have begun to fly off the shelves as Singaporeans are forced to stay indoors to keep the disease from spreading.

A Singaporean Reddit user posted a photo of a sign from an unknown shop that said there were no webcams below $200 available at that particular store.

While there is no shortage of the more expensive webcams, the post does imply that the cheaper options may have run out for the meantime.

What are Singaporeans saying about the webcam shortage?

One commenter said that the webcams may be used by the stereotypical peeping toms. If no one goes out, what will the peeping toms record?

This commenter must be a parent who has just realized that home-based learning means their child needs a camera as well.

Another person also realized that they may need to buy a webcam for work. Did they just start their work-from-home arrangement now?

This person mentioned a very cheap webcam and the brand, along with the price. Just like masks, and sanitizers, webcams may become the most regrettable non-purchase of 2020.

While these Singaporeans discussed how a lack of webcams could impact their employment, as some employers require video calls and video conferences with their teams.

Another person, though, said that complying with such a directive is difficult, and that companies are supposed to provide the equipment needed to work from home.

But if you don’t comply, then how will you work? How will the company pay you if you don’t show up for meetings?

Online stores still have webcams

If you would look on online shopping portals, though, there are webcams still available, but that could change in the coming days.

US and UK go into webcam shortage as well

USA and the UK may not have gone into total lockdown, but with a lot of companies asking workers to continue their jobs remotely, webcams have become scarce.

Forums with Western users have reported that Amazon and other online sites have run out of cheaper webcams. But what a lot of people don’t know is that you can use your phone as a webcam if you don’t have one.

What can you do if you don’t have a webcam?

If for some reason or another you can’t get a webcam, you can use any smartphone or tablet with a camera to join video calls or video conferences.

You simply have to download the application your office is using and set up your phone on a stand. Take note that you may not be able to use your phone as anything more than a webcam during the meeting.

COVID-19 causing Singaporeans to stay inside more

Thanks to the Wuhan coronavirus that has spread throughout the world, employees in Singapore have been encouraged to work from home. Bars and entertainment establishments were also forced to close down, which have left many in Singapore no choice but to remain inside until the spread of the virus has been controlled.

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