Americans reacted to a video uploaded on Twitter of a Chinese woman who appeared to be walking into various stores in Florida, buying a lot of face masks.

What happened in the video?

According to a tweet, you can see the video of an Asian woman speaking in Chinese, and showing off a large number of face masks still in their boxes on top of each other. She would occasionally speak to a store attendant and thank them for allowing her to buy a huge number of masks.

On a normal day, this wouldn’t be considered as anything more than odd–but with the threat of COVID-19 or the Wuhan coronavirus, the supply of face masks all over the world has dwindled. Hospitals across the globe are scrambling to acquire medical supplies–while this woman simply had to drive around her state to get all the face masks she wanted.

You can watch the video here:

The video was recently uploaded, but it is unclear when she had actually recorded the video, which may be the reason why so many masks were available for purchase. The attendants in the store were not wearing any face masks at all.

In the video, she could be seen going to different stores, some of which were hardware stores, and asking for masks.

She drove out of her own city but she’s still in Central Florida. She said, Tthere aren’t many Chinese here so they still don’t know about the face masks yet.”

She kept repeating that she’s “super happy.” She also showed how she arranged the masks and her trips from store to store. The Chinese woman said that Americans still do not know about the masks, and that she had cleaned out the shelves.

A Caucasian man and a child could be seen in some parts of the video.

The woman mentioned that there aren’t a lot of Chinese people in her area so the masks haven’t been bought up yet. She said that at one point, she was sweating and probably nervous. She said she also felt she was like a thief.

A Chinese-language Facebook post from Turnip Magazine also said that the woman may have bought up all the masks to sell them. It also mentioned that she happily said that people in her area had no idea about masks at the time.

Who is this Chinese woman?

While the actual date of the video is unclear, the mask shortage felt all over the world certainly pushed this woman’s face into the spotlight.

According to another tweet, the woman’s name is allegedly 35-year-old Hexin Jiang, and she lives in Hillside County, Florida. She reportedly has a criminal record that shows she was arrested for Battery Domestic Violence in 2018.

You can see her data from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office below.

She was reportedly charged with domestic violence against one male.

Hexin Jiang, according to her now-defunct social media profiles, has one child with her Caucasian husband.

What did Americans say?

According to the Twitter thread that showed the video, Americans are angry.

This comment mentioned that the woman should be charged by the FBI.

Other people also had conspiracy theories.

What do you think of this woman’s behaviour? Would she have gotten away with this in Singapore? Let us know in the comments!