Staying at home doesn’t mean that you should ignore your physical appearance. Pearly white teeth are the ultimate requisite for a beautiful smile and White Glo Singapore is here to help.

Originally developed for make-up artists who looked after the onscreen appearances of models and film actors, White Glo is pioneered by Barros Laboratories in Australia and is available for sale in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia via an authorised distributor, TEN.

The brand was first launched to the Australian market in 1995. Within a short time, the original White Glo teeth enamel whitening system sold over 1 million units and proved tremendously popular with consumers in Australia due to the effective results, quality and value. Overseas expansion followed and it is now exported to over 30 countries, including Singapore.

Key Unique Selling Propositions for White Glo includes:

  • Formulated using highly absorbent activated charcoal
  • Helps whiten enamel without damaging it
  • Penetrates and draws out stubborn stains and discoluration
  • Fights germs & breath odour

This list ticks just about all the boxes you need for oral care and hygiene.

How to use White Glo

The signature Activated Teeth Whitening Powder (S$24.99) comes in a circular container with a small spoon inside.

To use it, you brush your teeth with the charcoal powder first by dipping your toothbrush into the container and then applying it to your teeth. Alternatively, you can also apply the powder to your brush using the spoon.

Once done, your mouth will be black due to the powder residue between your teeth. That’s normal. Just rinse your mouth and then brush your teeth again with a regular toothpaste or preferably, a toothpaste from White Glo.

Your toothbrush will appear very black as well, don’t worry about it. Just rinse with water and the black stuff comes off easily. Likewise if you accidentally sprinkle the powder on any surfaces.

You will see the results for yourself when your teeth turn pearly white over a couple of days. The recommended usage is for at least twice daily at the beginning, reducing to 2 or 3 times weekly thereafter.

Is White Glo safe to use?

The black residue and black mouth may cause concerns. Don’t worry about it. White Glo is safe to use. The products have all been tested for abrasiveness and have limited levels of whitening agents allowed.

White Glo products are designed to compliments your visit to the dentist. Just like how you wash your face daily, you should still go for a facial to deep cleanse. If you need a quick fix because you are going out or think your teeth are looking dull, the charcoal powder and paste works almost instantaneously for some.

We have been using the White Glo toothpaste and charcoal powder for several weeks now and are immensely satisfied with the results. Your teeth will become noticeably whiter even after just the first few brushes.

White Glo Product Range and Bundles

For Singapore customers, White Glo Singapore has come up with a series of attractive bundles which you can order online.

These range in prices from S$34.90 to S$43.90 and comes with a toothpaste, toothbrush, a set of the charcoal powder and even a Purell hand sanitiser thrown in!

The toothpaste selection ranges from Coffee & Tea Drinkers to Smokers’ Formula to Charcoal Deep Stain Remover to Pure & Natural Whitening. That’s just about something for everyone’s specific needs.

Where to buy White Glo

In Singapore, White Glo products can be obtained from Xiaomi retail stores from April 2020, White Glo brand ambassadors and from the official website.