As the Covid-19 is sweeping nations into lockdown, forcing people into quarantine, and causing a great deal of public discourse, it is understandable that people are resorting to all sorts of communications and virtual nuances and with that, Sugarbook wasn’t spared either.

User traffic data illustrates the top 5 countries with highest user traffic where their homeland, Malaysia marked a 40% leap, shaved closely behind by neighbouring Singapore (28%) while the United States climbed 8%, mother Russia (5%) and 4% with the United Kingdom (UK) which all depicted considerable surges too.

Messages exchanged during this period also came as another notable derivation where it was evident during the mid-February period when the Covid-19 was getting momentum where there was a considerable spike of 90% on Valentine’s Day.

Fast forward to mid-March where the pandemic had hit pandemonium, 13th March saw a whopping 83% rise preceded by March 20th’s 85% boom.

With Covid-19-caused lockdowns, shelter-in-place orders, and quarantines in effect globally, millions of people are spending more time than usual at home with their families. This may have caused the noticeable upticks in global traffic since mid-February.

It took a dip towards the later parts of February but by 7th March, it was up by more than 200%.


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