1. Designate a “Clean” and a “Dirty” Hand

By now, you probably know that it is important to practice good personal hygiene by not touching your eyes, mouth and nose. How how is this practical? Come on, our nose, eyes and mouth gets itchy from time to time. How to don’t scratch?

If my nose itchy, how to find toilet to wash hand before I scratch? Cannot tahan the itch for so long lah.

Bacteria Vectors by Vecteezy

I came up with a smart way, by designating a “clean” and a “dirty” hand. My master hand is my right hand, and that’s the hand I tend to use to scratch my face or touch food.

I designate my left hand as my “dirty” hand – that’s the hand that will touch all public items, such as lift buttons, door handles, etc, and I only use my right hand, the “clean” hand to touch my face or food. Smart idea?

Of course, the most foolproof way is still to wash your hands regularly and not touch your face at all cost, but I guess this is the next best thing.

2. Avoid Crowded Places

This goes without saying. But how about public transport? If you have to take public transports such as the MRT train or buses, you will be in a crowd. You will be near lots of other people.

Image: sliceofkimchi

Well, here’s the trick. Some bus timing apps like SG BusLeh available on Android and iOS thoughtfully displays an indicator of how crowded the arriving buses are.

Screenshot of SG BusLeh app

Green bar means that the bus is relatively empty, while orange and red means that the bus is quite crowded. If the coming bus is crowded and the next one is not, I would wait – to stay safe and even get a seat to enjoy my ride.

Don’t say bo jio – click here and go download now (Free).

3. Go Alfresco

Yes, you should stay at home and avoid dining out as part of social separation. But what if delivered food or home cookings just didn’t cut it for you?

Go for places with Alfresco dining, and avoid restaurants that are fully air-conditioned.

Photography: Little Island Brewing Co via Facebook

We all know that all kinds of flu viruses spread easily in air-conditioned environment due to the lower temperature and lesser air circulation, while it is generally harder for viruses to spread in warmer, well ventilated places.

So, if you really must dine out, and if the waitress asked if would like indoor or outdoor sitting, please pick outdoors.

Other tricks & tips

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