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This International Women’s Day, we look back on these 4 appliances invented by women that helped better our lives today

Over the centuries, women have made huge strides in achieving gender equality. Many inventions and advances in tech have reshaped the way women live and work. Most notably, the boom of home appliances moved more women into the workforce. These labour-saving appliances took over strenuous tasks – liberating women from household chores and led to a dramatic increase in their workforce participation.

This International Women’s Day, Bosch celebrates the female achievements by spotlighting 4 home appliances you didn’t know were invented by women.

1. The Refrigerator

Before the modern refrigerator, only the wealthy had ice cellars while others used all kinds of preservation methods. However, in 1914, Florence Parpart invented the modern electric fridge and changed people’s diets forever. Today, the humble fridge has transformed into so much more.

With the latest smart technology, you can control your fridge’s functions via your mobile and even see what’s inside while you’re out shopping.

2. The Dishwasher

Gone were the days of endless washing. Thanks to Josephine Cochrane, the mighty dishwasher has helped countless households save on time and energy – making room for things that truly matter. These days, in-built sensors can even detect the load weight and temperature for optimal dish care.

3. The Toaster

Today, we can all enjoy a perfectly toasted bread for breakfast thanks to Sarah Guppy, a prolific British inventor. She first modified a tea urn to boil an egg in the steam while keeping toasty warm on a steam-heated metal plate. Since then, the toaster has changed in form and become a staple kitchen appliance worldwide.

4. The Coffee Filter

Did you know that the first coffee filter was made from a school exercise book? German inventor Amalie Auguste Bentz wanted to eliminate the bitter taste caused by over-brewing and used her son’s paper and a punctured brass pot.

The result? Impurity-free coffee with a more pleasant taste. Today, the simple filter has been replaced by fully automatic coffee machines. Whether you fancy a strong espresso or an aromatic caffe crema, these coffee machines will brew the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Can you imagine life without these appliances? So don’t forget to show appreciation to every woman you know this International Women’s Day, and the days after that.

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