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Whip your body into shape for 2020 with these fitness hacks from IG

Staying fit done fast and easy. Don’t we all want it that way? Perhaps you made a new year’s resolution to get in shape. Perhaps you’ve eaten one too many pineapple tarts during Chinese New Year. But wait – how much is that gym membership again? Not everyone can afford to spend a few hundred dollars on fitness every month.

The solution? Fitness hacks. These Instagrammers will show you how to workout practically anywhere, without gym equipment. 

1. Using pillows as leg weights

Can’t get out of bed to hit the gym? You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home..and pillows. You can even work out in your pajamas. This video by hitfit shows us how to strengthen one’s abdominal core and leg muscles just by using three medium size pillows and a mat for a steady base. You’ll have a morning workout in an instant. 

2.  Use a real bench for bench presses

Once in a while, you need to go outdoors to benefit from the sun’s vitamin D and nature’s  mood-enhancing effect. While you’re outdoors, find a bench and do this routine. It’s a cardio workout that focuses on your lower body and keep your heart pumping similar just like a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise. Execute with repeition and in varying speed depending on your need. 

3. How to get a perky butt like Jen Setler

Who needs a personal gym trainer if you can learn from Jen Setler, the girl with the most famous bottom on IG. This video particularly shows a bodyweight workout that you can do anywhere, anytime. She combines six moves for a complete cardio set that targets the triceps, legs, upper body, and of course the butt. Ideally, you should go this in three sets with a one-minute recovery in between.  

4. Pair up with your BFF

Break the monotone of those morning jogs with a fast and fun workout together with your buddy. Fitness enthusiast Hannah Bronfman featured a “jump over” routine that you can do while your friend is planking. It works your thighs, your arms and improves balance and overall body strength. 

5. Use a rock as a weight

Weight-lifting can be as cool as this. Florian Macek shows how to do it outdoors by lifting a huge rock as a free weight and doing an upper body routine that firms up and tones chest muscles and arms. Burn fat while you shape up your body by doing six to 15 repetitions of this exercise.

6. Level up your planking game

Planking looks simple but it strengthens the whole body’s core and that includes your spine, your abdominal muscles, your pelvic girdle all the way up to your shoulders. It also improves stability and posture. Think planking is too easy? This video from @adriancscs gives a twist to make planking even more effective as a workout. He gives clear instructions on his post to make sure you do it right! 

7. You can do this as long as you have a floor

When in the office or at home, you can execute a quick strength based cardio circuit as shown in the video shared by fitness studio @atighteru. The first two routines he shows can be done in any flat surface you can move around on. @stighteru suggests doing this circuit to get your heart rate up while targeting major muscle groups in your upper and lower body.

8. Upgrade your mountain climbers

Christine Bullock is a fitness trainer who likes to brush up on familiar workout exercises with a fresh approach. This particular routine makes use of a chair and instantly becomes a whole body workout that hits the legs, core, glutes, and arms. Who would have thought you can do five simple moves to keep fit in your living room?  

9. Improve your circulation during flight delays

Delayed flights will never again get into your nerves when you use your time doing this quick workout. Celebrity fitness trainer Kira Stokes shows you how the three-move airport workout is done using airport chairs and your own luggage. Just make sure you’re dressed in athleisure to sweat it out and you have a ready smile for everyone who stares at you – you can even ask them to join you! The routine combines push ups and also targets your hip and lower body muscles. 

10. Tone your abs with this floor-work

Do you want to achieve flat, strong abs without gym equipment? Possible! This video by @kentaseki will inspire everyone, especially the guys to work out their abs even outside the gym. All you need is a flat surface and a mat to finish this routine. He adds leg and arm stretching to the usual crunch exercise, making this routine more energy pumping and enjoyable. 

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