Spize launches a burger with the airiest and buttery bun. The Croburg is a croissant-like pastry made with many more layers than a typical croissant for that extra flaky, crispy texture. It envelopes a 400 Days Grain Fed Australian Wagyu beef patty air-flown from Melbourne, Australia.

It is complemented with a comforting sunny-side-up egg, truffle aioli, caramelised onions and melted cheddar cheese.

The CroBurg is made using a premium range of halal flour and French butter. Unlike the typical croissant, a unique folding technique is used to create many more folds in the baking process. Spize uses a 400 Day Grain Fed F1 Australian Wagyu from Jack’s Creek, a farm in Melbourne, Australia that produces premium quality beef.

In 1991, the farm started crossbreeding their Black Angus with the famous Tajima Wagyu Sires from the Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. The cattle are raised on the Willow Tree property in the Great Dividing Range of New South Wales. They are fed with a grain which is a mixture of wheat, corn and almond kernel shells.

Smoke salt is used to season the beef and it is seared over a flat griddle. The patty relies on the natural flavour of the wagyu beef like no other seasonings, oil or artificial binders are used in the cooking process.

The CroBurg is exclusively available at Spize Temasek Club till 1 March 2020. It comes with a side of golden-brown curly fries and a mesclun salad with truffle vinaigrette and pine nuts. It is priced at $23.90.