One of Singapore’s most popular convenience store chain, 7-Eleven, has upped their game on their snacks offerings, perfect timing for your year-end festive celebrations.

The stores now feature a series of curated snacks from around the world like chips from the USA, beverages from Korea as well as booze and booze bites from Japan from just S$1.80.

Gourmet Chips and Popcorns from USA

Where else can you import the best potato chips and popcorns than from the country that started the worldwide snacking culture? 7-Eleven now features a curated selection of fresh new flavours of chips, popcorns, pretzels and more from USA:

Gourmet Popcorns
Gourmet Popcorns

Available in stores from 19 December, 7-Eleven’s Butter Toffee Popcorn Clusters and Macadamia Nut Popcorn Clusters are made with 100% natural ingredients and will retail at S$3.90 per pack.

Regular Chips
Regular Chips

7-Eleven is also bringing in six 7-Select exclusive potato chips from the USA to Singapore, including their all-time favourite Original Potato Chips and the new Prime Rib Wavy Potato Chips, slow-cooked and topped with horseradish.

Kettle Chips
Kettle Chips

Additionally, there are four Kettle-Style Chips with flavours such as BBQ Kettle-Style ChipsSalt & Vinegar Kettle-Style Chips,  Salt & Pepper Flavoured Kettle-Style Chips and Spicy Jalapeno Kettle-Style Chips.

The chips are all priced reasonably at S$2 per pack.

Mini Pretzels
Mini Pretzels

For those are more calories conscious, the Peanut Butter-filled Pretzel Nuggets and Classically Salted Mini-twists Pretzels are available at S$2.50 a pack.

Booze and Booze Bites from Japan

For those who have to Japan, their supermarket and convenience stores are stock full of booze and booze bites for adults to indulge in when taking a break from work at home or with friends. 7-Eleven has curated some of the best of these booze and booze bites, offering them through their 7-Premium series from Japan:

Japanese Booze:

To ring in the New Year – how best to toast with your friends and loved ones – than with some of 7-Eleven Japan’s popular booze?

Introducing 7-Premium Highball: made with Scotch Whisky in an easy-to-drink can, retailing at S$5.50 a can for the regular version and S$5.90 a can for the flavoured versions. For those looking for something a little more sweet and perky, opt for the 7-Premium Japanese Cocktail Fresh Lemon and 7-Premium Japanese Cocktail Fresh Grapefruit alcoholic beverages. With the refreshing sour bite of fresh lemon and the sour-and-sweet taste of premium grapefruit, these 350ml can drinks are tiny little cans of happiness just waiting to be enjoyed

Booze Bites:

Anchovies lovers will enjoy the 7-Premium Almond and Dried Fish Snack (S$1.80), featuring calcium-rich Japanese anchovies from the Seto Inland Sea, mixed with fragrant slices of almond. The secret ingredients of black sugar and wine heighten the umami taste of the snack while subtly sweetening it.

Our favourite was the 7-Premium Cheese Snack with Cod Fish (S$2). Its creamy, smooth texture, achieved by combining 20 percent premium mascarpone cheese with delicious cod fish paste, is awesome as a snack to go with the Japanese alcoholic beverages from 7-Eleven.

For party goers who want to avoid excess calories, the 7-Premium Grilled Scallop Mantle (S$2) and the 7-Premium Dried Squid (S$2) will be the perfect snacks. The former brings flavoured scallop strings with a hint of chilli and soy sauce, roasted until it is nice and crispy, while the latter features the very special dried Japanese flying squid that is baked till savoury.

To complete the spread, the 7-Premium Assorted Nuts (S$1.80) features well-balanced mixture of almonds, cashew, butter peanuts, coated peanuts, and giant cones. It is delicately flavoured with traditional salt from Miyako-jima or Miyako Island, the fourth-largest island of Okinawa province and considered by many as one of the most beautiful parts of Japan.

Another of our favourites was the 7-Premium Miso Soup Cup (S$2.50). Cooked with clams in their shells, it is finished with a traditional miso method to deepen its flavour. Perfect for the recent cool weather.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea from Korea

Capitalising on the recent brown sugar milk tea craze, 7-Eleven has curated their own brown sugar milk tea offering. This hails from Korea instead of Taiwan. We tasted it and it is legit good. Do try it for those who need a sugar fix.

If you prefer a quick, ready-to-eat meal instead of snacks, 7-Eleven has got you covered as well. Check out our previous review of their exotic meal selection from Luncheon Meat Onigiri to Korean Bibimpap.