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#ThisHappened2019: Here’s what defined Singapore on Twitter

This year, Singaporeans turned to Twitter to share highly relatable contents that are unique to the everyday Singaporean experience. From a viral moment at the Singapore Zoo to heartwarming encounters on the daily SMRT train commute, everyone was sharing the news on Twitter.

In entertainment, Kpop fandoms continue to dominate as they rallied for their favourite Kpop bands and events on Twitter (#BTS and #BBMASTopSocia l) on Twitter. In sports, Singaporeans were on Twitter to witness historic moments in sporting events such as the UEFA Champions League (#UCL) and Formula 1 (#F1).

Top Retweets in Singapore

1. A heartwarming story on the SMRT train

Posted by user @SP1DERBOI, this inspiring Tweet is Singapore’s Golden Tweet in 2019 – the most Retweeted Tweet by people on Twitter in Singapore. A simple conversation with a stranger on the MRT train revealed a story of resilience, where a man shared that he had to rebuild his life from scratch after getting into a horrific accident in his youth which left him with half a brain. Many were left encouraged by the resolve the man showed to relearn even the most trivial tasks, like speech, to obtain a teaching degree.

2. Epic reactions at the award-winning Singapore Zoo

A visitor at the Singapore Zoo’s “Rainforest Fights Back Show” had an epic reaction when the zookeepers brought out a large python for the audience member to touch and take photos with it. In a dramatic display of panic, distress, and fright, the woman instantly pushed her companions’ arms away and dropped to the ground.

3. Unlikely friendships

Nicolette Shurthy (@serenteur), shared a video of her father befriending a little boy as they watch a video together on the train.

4. Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) recreates popular ‘running transformation’ video

The SCDF has been impeccable in hopping on viral trends, and this time was no different. The team of SCDF men unveiled that beyond their uniforms, they were just regular individuals after all.

5. Overzealous auntie at the National Day Parade 2019 (NDP 2019)

#NDP2019 is a time where Singaporeans come together to celebrate the country’s Independence Day with an annual parade, and one audience member, in particular, was especially enthralled by the festivities. While the iconic Red Lions were putting on their spectacular display, an auntie got so excited that she hit an elderly woman in front of her by accident.

Most Tweeted about hashtags in Singapore

1. #MUFC

The most supported football club in Singapore, fans tune in to every week to show their support for the club as they take on their Premier League rivals.

2. #AvengersEndgame

One of the most anticipated movies of all time, Avengers Endgame broke Singapore box office records in ticket sales and did not leave fans disappointed, with iconic Marvel characters joining forces on the big screen.

3. #GranblueFantasy

The Japanese role-playing game caught the attention of many with its deep story and gameplay mechanics, with many taking to Twitter to share their personalised characters.

4. #gameofthrones

Eight seasons in and Singaporeans continue to be enthralled by the intricate plot of the fantasy drama series, with constant debate and discussion over who will take control of the land of Westeros. The season finale, Battle of Winterfell, became one of the most Tweeted episodes in TV history.

5. #UCL

Football fans were given a treat as the best teams in the world took each other on in a race to clinch the UEFA Champions League title.

Most Tweeted about Entertainment Accounts in Singapore

  1. Halsey (@halsey)
  2. Ariana Grande (@arianagrande)
  3. Bretman Rock (@bretmanrock)
  4. Fakkah Fuzz (@fakkahfuzz)

Most Tweeted about K-Pop Bands in Singapore

  1. BTS (@bts_twt)
  2. EXO (@weareoneexo)
  3. SEVENTEEN (@pledis_17)
  4. GOT7 (@GOT7Official)
  5. MONSTA X (@OfficialMonstaX)

Most Tweeted about Sports Accounts in Singapore

  1. Liverpool Football Club (@LFC)
  2. Manchester United (@ManUtd)
  3. Arsenal (@Arsenal)
  4. Chelsea (@ChelseaFC)
  5. Premier League (@premierleague)

Most Tweeted about emojis in Singapore

#ThisHappened2019: Here’s what defined Singapore on Twitter - Alvinology

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