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Is a Geothermal Unit Worth the Cost?

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are a new and effective way to keep your home comfortable all year long. There are many advantages to a geothermal unit that you should consider when figuring out how you want to heat and cool your home. These advantages will offset the initial cost of installing your new system in a short time.

Geothermal Units Are Very Energy Efficient

Geothermal units use energy efficiently. A gas or oil burner is at most 75-80 percent efficient, but geothermal HVAC units are approximately 400 percent more efficient than traditional heating sources. This means that the system doesn’t have to work as hard or as long to keep your home comfortable.

A geothermal unit’s energy efficiency also means that you will save money each month on your home heating and cooling bills. The unit typically pays for itself within five to seven years on average. In addition, you may be eligible for tax credits for installing a geothermal HVAC unit in your house.

Geothermal Units Use Renewable Energy

We all know how important it is to reduce our carbon footprint in order to protect the planet for our children and grandchildren. Geothermal HVAC systems are good for the environment because they use a natural source of energy, the heat located in the ground.

Unlike wind or solar power, the source of geothermal power is not dependent on weather conditions. Even if it’s cloudy or raining for a week or more, geothermal energy is always present. This means the energy is always available, renewable, and safe for the planet.

Geothermal Units Require Less Maintenance

Is a Geothermal Unit Worth the Cost? - Alvinology
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The cost of maintaining traditional heating systems can be quite high, but geothermal units will save you money over the life of the heating system. Most of the geothermal unit’s system components are buried underground and usually carry a 50-year warranty. Meanwhile, the heat pump, which is located inside your home, has a life span of approximately 25 years. These components last much longer than other systems that can heat or cool your home. Geothermal units also require less maintenance on average than other types of home heating systems.

Geothermal Units Are Versatile

In addition to being natural, geothermal units can both heat your house when the weather is cold outside and keep your house cool when it’s warmer outside. The system is designed to work both ways, so your unit can keep your house comfortable all year round. Geothermal heat pumps can also be used to heat hot water or your backyard swimming pool. The cost is surprisingly low.

If you choose to install a geothermal HVAC system in your home, you will quickly see and enjoy the benefits of your new unit. It will immediately reduce your monthly energy bills, help protect the environment, and it will cost less to maintain than alternative ways to heat your home. This versatile unit can keep your house comfortable for less money no matter what the weather conditions are outside.

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