5 Must-Have Items for Winter Travel from The Travel Store

Winter is coming.  

Don’t fret. You have a reliable travel companion in The Travel Store where you will find stylish pieces of travel essentials that can withstand time, your changing needs, and even the coldest weather.

If you are going on a winter adventure this season, don’t forget to pack these five must-have travel items from the The Travel Store:  

# 1 Vaude Miskanti 3-in-1 Jacket

The Vaude Miskanti 3-in-1 Jacket, for women
The Vaude Miskanti 3-in-1 Jacket, for men

Wear this jacket to safeguard you from extreme cold, wind, and heavy backpacks. Ideal for trekkers and hikers, it comes with a breathable, waterproof and weatherproof outer layer and a two-layer innerwear to keep you warm even when you are thousands of metres above sea level. You can just wear the inner jacket or add on one or two more layers, depending on where your adventure takes you. 

# 2 Vaude Beanie

Vaude Beanie

A large percentage of our body heat is dissipated from the head, so warm headgear is a must in cold weather. This Vaude Beanie is reversible, durable and stylish. It comes in three different colours to match with your winter get-up.

# 3 Vaude gloves

Vaude gloves

Vaude gloves stand out with its two-surface knit material. It’s smooth and robust on the outside and buttery soft on the inside, keeping your skin moisturised even in freezing weather. It is also designed such that you can continue using touch screen gadgets with precision, without them off. Not all Vaude gloves are made the same. The temperature icon printed on a Vaude glove indicates which model is the most weather-appropriate glove for you. 

# 4 Enforma Skiing & Trekking Socks

Make sure you wear these socks if you want your feet dry, odourless, and comfortable when you ski and trek. It is especially woven to lighten the pressure in your calves as you glide, step, and move along extreme slopes and mountain ranges.

# 5 Thermopad Hand & Body Warmer

Thermopad’s Hand & Body warmer

If you’re outdoors and need to get warm quick and fast, you need Thermopad’s Hand & Body warmer. Simply open the pack and leave it in contact with your hands, chest, back, or stomach area. You can also leave it in your coat pocket and feel extra warm while you stroll in the snow. It gives you that needed heat for up to 12 hours. 

Being comfortably dressed will help you enjoy your holiday better. Of course, being appropriately packed and dressed is just one component in planning a successful vacation. 

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This is the perfect preparation you need for your next destination’s travel goals. See you there!

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