Orchard Tower Murder case defendant Natalie Siow Yu Zhen, also known as Nutella or Nat Nat to her loyal online fanbase, looks like she’s quite all right despite the continuing trial appearances for three charges.

She recently got back on social media, sporting a shorter haircut even as she seems to be getting back to normal life. Her recent photos showed her going out to eat, shopping, seeing friends, and really being a typical young Singaporean.

Comments on her post are littered with admirers, especially as she had become a household name once she was charged for being involved in the murder of Noel Satheesh Gobidass in the Orchard Towers murder case.

Did Natalie Siow look for a sugar daddy years ago?

Sporting a shorter haircut and a smile, she’s clearly living her best life despite the trials that are ahead.

She also celebrated her birthday last November 13, and her fanclub was quick to greet her on their Hardware Zone forum thread.

She’s also been receiving hate comments on her Instagram account whenever she asks questions on her stories. Here are some of the answers she got when she asked for a good oyster place to celebrate her birthday this month.

One comment told her she could find oysters in prison and mentioned that she was allegedly an escort.

She steadfastly ignored the comments that talked about her criminal conviction, and simply focused on the answer to her question.

Some of the comments were very graphic, but she didn’t let it get to her.

But her fanclub may be in a bit of a rut, especially after viewing some of her now-defunct Instagram Stories.

Natalie is back with Desmond?

A series of stories shows her referring to a man named Des or Dessy, who could be a man named Desmond. He was previously featured on her social media accounts as someone important in her life.

A story below shows her eating food prepared by “Dessy,” who could be Desmond.

Another one showed a note from a person named Desmond, who said that they loved her. She told boys to learn from this person, whom she called “Des.”

Her online fan club has expressed dismay at this development, even as they support her as she gets back to normal life, and they see her cute photos online. A lot of them also commented that she looks much prettier now compared to before the Orchard Tower murder happened.

Who is Natalie Siow Yu Zhen?

You wouldn’t think that a girl posting such innocuous things as snack food, lashes, and love notes was in jail just a few weeks ago after being connected to a high-profile criminal case that involved the death of a 31-year-old man.

Natalie was one of several young people involved in the case who were all initially charged with murder, but had their charges downgraded to assault after a few weeks of trial and investigation.

She has been remanded since October, after spending a month in a psychiatric facility and Changi Women’s Prison. According to a previous report, she cried when she heard that the charges against her did not involve the death penalty.

She was, however, slapped with two new charges, which include consorting with co-accused Tan Sen Yang, who allegedly possessed an offensive weapon on July 2, the day of the murder, and behaving in a disorderly manner.