The battle for Singapore’s roads and footpaths continues, as a video of an elderly personal mobility device user talking loudly in a Meet-the -People session in Jurong has gone viral.

In the video, a man wearing camouflage-print clothes can be seen pointing his finger and gesturing while speaking in a loud voice to government officials during a November 11 Meet-the-People session.

Grabfood riders and other similarly-dressed people are seen sitting in the audience or standing, with others also speaking loudly at the session, where affected PMD users of the recent ban have come out to complain and engage with government officials.

You can watch the video below:

The video shows the food couriers confronting Ang Wei Neng, Member of Parliament for Jurong GRC about the recent PMD ban, and how it’s affected their livelihood.

The old man had harsh words for the MP and the latter’s camp, asking them, “Are you running a communist law now?”

He also questioned the newest measure to placate the angry and deprived PMD users who use the device for running food delivery services. The old man said, “Can you give us the S$7 million that we need on the spot [garbled]? On the spot!”

Another person at the gathering also said that PMD users were persons, and not dogs.

Some PMD users demand the $7 million immediately

This comes after a recent report that mentioned the allocation of $7 million in funds to help affected PMD users. They can avail of a $1000 grant from the government to help defray the costs of acquiring a different means of delivering food. The program hopes that the PMD users opt for an e-bike after trading in their e-scooter.

The LTA recently announced that they were allotting $7 million to help PMD users who depend on the device for their livelihood. The trade-in program lets PMD users get $600 to $1000 to replace their illegal e-scooter with a regular bike, an e-bike, or a personal mobility aid or PMA.

PMD user who injured elderly woman went to trial

Still, as PMD users across Singapore attend every Meet-the People session that they can, the 20-year-old Malaysian who rammed into an elderly woman has been charged, with his bail set for $15,000.

A report from The Straits Times said that Hung Kee Boon was not represented in court when he was charged with committing a rash act. He and the victim, 65-year-old Ong Bee Heng, collided with each other in Jurong, which resulted in serious injuries for the latter. The victim died four days after the incident in the hospital.

Incidents such as the one mentioned above had pushed the government to ban PMDs from everywhere except shared paths, which have been especially marked.

Will Grabfood, Foodpanda, and Deliveroo riders unite?

This isn’t the first time PMD-using food couriers have faced government officials in relation to the ban. A group waited outside the MPS where PM Lee Hsien Long was supposed to appear.

A group of Grabfood riders spoke to Minister K Shanmugam as he left an MPS.

The government officials have so far only promised to take the riders’ grievances to the next parliament meeting. Police are currently just issuing warnings to people who violate that PMD ban, but will adopt a zero-tolerance policy starting next year for violators.

Another report by The Straits Times, though, has mentioned that there may not be enough e-bikes for PMD users to acquire. Vendors have allegedly mentioned that sufficient stock to support the major switch for a lot of users may only arrive by January.