Subway launches two new flavours for the holiday season – Breaded Chicken Cutlet flavour and Chocolate Orange Cookie across all outlets in Singapore and it will only be out for sale for a limited time, from today till 7 January 2019.

The crispy, breaded strips of chicken breast are topped with a sprinkle of aromatic spices and sandwiched between freshly baked bread. Toasted breadcrumbs add a crunchy finish along with crisp vegetables and melted cheese to complete the sub.

The Chocolate Orange Cookie is an enticing treat that has a hint of orange zest that simply compliments the rich chocolate chips in it. Try the moist and chewy Chocolate Orange Cookie to go with the new Breaded Chicken Cutlet sub to welcome the holiday season!

  • Breaded Chicken Cutlet – $7.50
  • Breaded Cutlet Combo with 16oz drink – $8.50
  • Breaded Chicken Cutlet Footlong – $12.00
  • Chocolate Orange Cookie – $1.40

Don’t miss this limited-time menu and visit the closest Subway outlet now.