Since some people haven’t got a clue about riding planes, throwing any sort of object, especially metal coins into any part of the plane is illegal and downright dangerous. If you do this, you will be the reason for that plane crashing and everyone with you on that fight dying.

Chinese people don’t seem to get it

Having said that, mainland Chinese people have been featured several times in the news as the primary culprits for such behaviour. There have been a total of eight instances of this happening, and airport officials in China have already weighed in on the profile of such people.

Not an age thing

Some people would think that old people were the ones who were often guilty of this behaviour, but that’s where they’re wrong. In a report from TODAY Online, two Chinese women in their 20’s were detained on suspicion of throwing coins at a plane for good luck during the flight. This was the fourth case in the span of two years.

The original post, though, that had revealed that this may be a trend with people from China came from The South China Morning Post, and specifically mentioned an old woman and a handful of coins.

According to South China Morning Post, “A flight from Shanghai to Guangzhou was delayed after an elderly woman passenger was suspected of throwing coins into the plane’s engine to ensure ‘good luck’.” The report said that a total of nine coins were found at the scene, with one of them making it into the engine.

How that would have gone down once the plane was in flight would have been disastrous at the very least. The flight was delayed for five hours only after thorough checks were made on the jet.

What’s the newests incident of coin throwing in an airplane?

A report by Chinese media showed that a single woman in her 20’s is another person to throw coins at an airplane. According to the report, the woman allegedly threw a coin at the plane as an offering so that her traveling companion wouldn’t get diarrhea on the plane.

The woman, named Wang, threw three coins at the plane that she was boarding at an airport in the Sichuan city of Xichang on September 5. She was traveling with her cousin’s child. She threw the coins in the hope that the child would not have a diarrhea episode on the plane.

The report from Chinese media also said that the woman graduated from university and was going into medical studies in a postgraduate program.

Trend with low budget airlines

But if these incidents happen to both young and old people, one usual feature of this appalling behaviour is that they happen on low-budget flights on cheap airlines. According to the same report in Chinese media, an airport in Sanya, China, posted a sign just to tell people that they shouldn’t throw coins anywhere near an airplane, and that such practice does not improve their luck or safety on the flight.

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