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Tian Wei Seafood [Food Review] – value-for-money mala crab and other fresh seafood items

Some of the best seafood restaurants in Singapore are tucked away in industrial estates and other far-flung locations. The cost-saving from the lower rental is passed on to the consumers so you get more value for your dollars. Tian Wei Seafood restaurant is one such seafood restaurant in Singapore serving up some of the freshest seafood, cooked to perfection.

The restaurant at Tagore Lane is newly opened this year in 2019 and have been popular with diners since, purely through word-of-mouth and referrals with limited marketing spends. When there’s delicious and fresh, yet value-for-money seafood available, food-craze Singaporeans who are always on the lookout for the best places to eat in Singapore are quick to get wind of it!

For those who are more fussy on the dining environment, there are ample parking lots available in the area and the open-air coffeeshop is well-ventilated and breezy.

For me, fresh seafood at reasonable prices is always a winning combination for seafood restaurants in Singapore! Tian Wei Seafood fits the criteria to be among the best places to eat in Singapore when you are looking for the best seafood restaurant dining experience in Singapore.

Value-for-money Fresh Seafood and Mala Crab

Tian Wei Seafood [Food Review] - value-for-money mala crab and other fresh seafood items - Alvinology

Tian Wei prides themselves for the giant-size Sri Lankan crab that they serve at their restaurant. The ingredient cost will be higher, but what matters to them is to provide their customers with the best crab restaurant dining experience. The head chef at Tian Wei goes to the market in the morning daily to purchase the best crabs to whip up and present the best mala crabs as the restaurant has an aspiration to be known as the best mala crab restaurant in Singapore.

Tian Wei Seafood [Food Review] - value-for-money mala crab and other fresh seafood items - Alvinology

One of their signature dishes is Tianwei’s mala crab which comes in three level of spiciness for customers to choose from – mild,  medium or extra-spicy. The crab dishes are charged by market price at around S$88 per kilogram for the crab served.

Mala crab at Tian Wei Seafood - they have an aspiration to be the best mala crab restaurant in Singapore
Mala crab at Tian Wei Seafood – they have an aspiration to be the best mala crab restaurant in Singapore

The seafood restaurant has an ambition to serve the best mala crab in Singapore with their giant Sri Lankan crabs, cooked to perfection with their custom mala concoction.

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This is served slightly wet, unlike the usual thick or sticky gravy which Singaporeans are used to for other local crab dishes like Black Pepper crab and Chili crab. This is to ensure the mala seeps into the flesh of the crab and do not burn your taste buds.

We tried the mild version and found it just right for the spiciness level. For the more adventurous, go for the extra-spicy if you really like your mala super hot!

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Other than mala crabs, Tian Wei Seafood serves a wide variety of other fresh seafood at very reasonable prices. Among their most popular items are their giant Yuzu Wasabi Oysters and steamed Bamboo Clams with Vermicelli and Garlic.

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Both retails at just S$8 apiece and are a steal compared to what most other seafood restaurants in Singapore would charge for these premium seafood items.

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A surprising item on the menu is their white pepper shark meat soup (S$20 for a small serving and S$40 for large), an unusual item which better utilise shark meat instead of just harvesting their fins. The soup is brewed with Tian Wei’s own recipe and has a strong peppery aroma. The shark meat is chewy and do not have a fishy smell, giving it a refreshing texture compared to other fish meat.

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While price is one of the selling points, Tian Wei’s menu offers a wide variety of dishes and innovative concepts to draw younger millennial diners as well. After all, the chef at the helm is a millennial himself!

The Chef behind Tian Wei Seafood

A seafood restaurant can only be as good as what it’s head chef envisions. At the helm of the kitchen at Tian Wei Seafood is Chef Eugene whose passion in culinary started at the mere age of 17 where he had his first real culinary experience by helping out at his mother’s local food outlet located in Ang Mo Kio. Do not be fooled by his boyish look and young age, Chef Eugene is an industry veteran with more than ten years of culinary experience under his belt, having worked in hotel restaurants and even as a private chef.

Tian Wei Seafood [Food Review] - value-for-money mala crab and other fresh seafood items - Alvinology

After receiving his certificate in Information Technology from Nanyang Polytechnic, Chef Eugene returned to the culinary industry and began his training in York Hotel’s Kitchen, Singapore. He received training under the lead of the Head Chef in York’s Hotel. He subsequently went on to represent SunRice in the Young Chef Challenge.

The training granted him an opportunity of being widely involved in the development of the menu and pre-opening of “The Knolls” in Capella Hotel. Being a part of these events exposed him to a variety of foods, namely Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. He represented Capella in various competitions such as Chef Apprentice on Channel 8, Tabasco Hot Chef Challenge, MLA Black Box Challenge, and FHA Challenge.

As such, you can see some of the East-meets-West fusion in Tian Wei Seafood’s menu, the result of Chef Eugene’s diverse culinary experience.

Interested to visit Tian Wei Seafood to try out their seafood and crab dishes? Details are as below:

Tian Wei Seafood

Restaurant Opening Hours
Mon – Thu : 11AM – 10PM
Fri – Sun : 11AM – 11PM

81 Tagore Lane, TAG A, #01-10, Singapore 787502

Order Hotline Hours:
Daily : 10AM – 8PM
+65 6727 5596
Email : [email protected]


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