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Huawei launches the new P30 Pro – a combination of exquisite form with unparalleled function

Continuing the HUAWEI P series’ aesthetics design and innovative photography technology, the company launches the new P30 Pro boasting fashionable enhancements in colour design and improved photographic and video editing functions.

The New P30 Pro will be available globally from September 20, the upgraded device also supports EMUI10, opening the gates for all-scenario AI life.

Discovering New Possibilities with a Unique Perspective

The New P30 Pro’s brings consumers two new colour schemes to choose from:

  • Mystic Blue – reminiscent of the sea reflecting the sky
  • Misty Lavender – akin to a beach under the sunset.

It achieves a smooth transition between the glossy and matte finish by using the two textures to form a layered collision and an intense visual effect that solves the problems presented by a large glass back panel.

Become a Professional Photographer Creating Masterpiece with Ease

A new super night selfie function has been added to the night view mode – making the cheeks look more natural and contouring more three dimensional. It also lowers the brightness of the light source in the background, and improves the detail of the dark area, without overexposing the background highlight to achieve a natural, three-dimensional, refined night shots in portrait mode.

The all-new upgraded HUAWEI Vlog AI editing function supports a manual self-creation function that lets you create music videos from photos and videos in your gallery with just one click. Once the video is automatically generated, you can customize it further with your favourite music, filters, effects and movie scales and even add more clips.

The ToF Camera, with its precise depth perception capability, works with an AI algorithm to achieve hair strand-levels of detail and natural simplification. The nuances stand out from the folds of clothes to the contours of the face to make anyone in the portrait stand out from the soft and smooth background.

Deliver EMUI10, enabling an AI Life Experience

HUAWEI P30 Series users around the globe will take the lead in upgrading to the all-new EMUI10 operating system. EMUI10 can offer users a more refined all-scenario smart experience.

The magazine-style design leaves a great deal of space to bring about a more transparent and open feeling. Additionally, the large font grid creates a more concentrated visual focus in order to remove complexity and make the display more accurate.

In dark mode, soft light protects your eyes from glare without a simple colour reversal. Huawei conducted tests on user reading efficiency to create the most comfortable background colour contrast, character contrast and spatial contrast for dark mode. Based on customer research, everything from the background padding to the text icons has been created to offer a more comfortable and immersive reading experience.

EMUI10 also brings an upgraded wireless display system- “multi-screen collaboration”. This makes seamless collaboration between PC and mobile phones a reality with multi-screen interaction, drag and drop between devices. One can now make full use of a large notebook screen and peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard.

The New P30 Pro will be available globally from 20 September 2019 and will be making its way to Singapore in October. Exact date and pricing will be revealed on a later date.

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