If you like your undies colourful, loud and surprising, check out Shinesty, an e-commerce brand that sells shiny subscription wears.

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Shinesty offers a wide range of Men’s Ball Hammock Boxers in their signature shiny designs. They sent us two pairs as samples for review.

These are priced from US$15.99 a piece and you can choose to order a recurring subscription for Shinesty to send you a new undies every one, two or three months.

You can also buy them individually if you prefer not to enter into a subscription:

Each pair of boxers is made of 95% MicroModal and 5% Spandex, making them lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking. I have been wearing them for about a month since and I must say, they are very comfortable. Nonetheless, I won’t be ‘modelling’ in them so that you won’t have to rinse your eyes with mouthwash.

Instead feast your eyes on this professionally modelled shot below, taken via Shinesty’s Facebook page:

The branding proposition is quirky and a little irrelevant at times. The designs are deliberately shiny and overly loud to grab attention and have some fun.

For the ladies, Women’s Seamless Thongs are available for subscription too in similar shiny, loud designs.

Shinesty also offer a range of other inner and outer wears in their signature loud and shiny designs. More details are available via their official website.