Celebrate Carousell’s 7th Anniversary with its special Match and Win-win card and redeem your prizes - Alvinology

Celebrate Carousell’s 7th Anniversary with its special Match and Win-win card and redeem your prizes


Carousell celebrates its 7th anniversary with the launch of a new visual identity, together with milestones including reaching its 250th million listing and fourfold revenue growth in 2018.

Throughout the years, Carousell has been harnessing mutually beneficial opportunities to empower users and celebrated numerous success stories of users who turned their passions into livelihoods.

Co-founder and CEO, Quek Siu Rui epitomised Carousell’s win-win opportunities when he sold his MacBook on Carousell to a father with a young daughter. The father wanted his daughter to learn about the internet but could not afford a brand-new computer. He turned to Carousell, and this made Siu Rui realise that Carousell is a platform that would enable possibilities for users with each transaction.

Carousell also announced a fourfold revenue growth in 2018. This strong growth trajectory is a testament to Carousell’s business strategy and an affirmation that the brand is progressing in the right direction. Prior to implementing monetisation streams in mid-2017, Carousell has been laser-focused on building a great platform, enhancing product features, improving the user experience as well as scaling across the region.

Celebrate Carousell’s 7th Anniversary with its special Match and Win-win card and redeem your prizes - Alvinology

Carousell’s seventh-anniversary celebration culminates at Carouselland, an annual flagship event that celebrates its community. It spans across two halls at Marina Bay Sands filled with Carousellers selling items, running workshops and organising community activities like retrogaming and board gaming. In line with bringing its refreshed brand to life, Carouselland is upping the ante with a myriad of sensory and participatory activities that highlight the shared connections and possibilities that this platform brings to all users and the public, beyond mere transactions.

With more than 300 vendors classified under seven thematic clusters that cover everything from Style to Property and even Alternate Reality, visitors will get to choose from a wide range of shopping and activity choices according to their personal interests. These include handicraft workshops, community activities and even tips on how to groom cars, helmed by Carousellers from all walks of life who discovered and turned their dreams to reality on the platform. Plenty of Instagrammable spots await visitors as they explore the event ground.

To further showcase the win-win experiences enabled by Carousell, a special ‘Match and Win-win’ card will be given to all visitors of Carouselland. Visitors will then search for the person holding a matching card, through the Carousell app and social media. Each successful pair will get to redeem their prizes at the Redemption booth.

Carouselland 2019 is held at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Halls A & B from 16-18 August. Entrance to the event is free of charge.

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