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Here’s everything you can expect at Carouselland this 16 – 18 August in Marina Bay Sands

Homegrown classifieds brand Carousell turns seven this year and the brand would like to invite everyone to be part of the celebration at Carouselland, an annual physical marketplace event that brings buyers, sellers and the public together.

This year, Carouselland is upping the experience ante with a myriad of sensory and participatory activities that highlight the shared connections and possibilities that this platform brings to all users and the public, beyond mere transactions.

Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Halls A & B

Date & time:

  • 16 August 2019 (5 PM – 9 PM)
  • 17 – 18 August 2019 (12 PM – 9 PM)

Thematic Clusters

Featuring seven clusters representing different dream themes (more info below), visitors get to try out what they would like to, according to their personal interests, and it’s not just limited to shopping.

Section #1: Balance – Leave the stress of work behind; come strike some balance at Carouselland. Let the Carousell community entertain you with jam sessions, fitness hacks and talks by yoga practitioners.

Section #2: Space – Build that dream space as desired – we have you covered from ornaments to furniture, and you can even learn how to plant orchids.

Section #3: Property Chill-Out Area – If you’re on the hunt for a new home, look no further. Here, property agents are on hand for consultation sessions, and you can even learn insider tips and tricks from them at the workshops/ seminars.

Section #4: Craft – Express your creativity through handcrafting items and learn about how you can make a living through your hobby. Choose from a wide range of activities: there’s clay-making, leather-making, photography, batik painting and more.

Section #5: Alternate Reality – Forget your worries as you immerse yourself in a nerf-gun shoot-out, retrogaming, board games, and more.

Section #6: Speed – On top of buying and selling cars, car enthusiasts can also participate in a race car simulator.

Section #7: Style – Flaunt your style and strut your stuff – learn how to up your make-up styling game and shop for the latest fashion trends here.

Instagrammable zones

No event is complete without Instagram-worthy spots. With seven instagrammable corners on-ground (one at each thematic cluster), visitors will be spoilt for choice when planning for that perfect shot. Here’s what you can expect at four of the thematic clusters:

Section #1: Balance – Hop on an interactive balance beam with a friend.

Section #2: Space – A cosy showroom pop-up where your family and friends can gather for a group shot.

Section #5: Alternate Reality – Come play at our life-sized board game and read all about fellow Carousellers’ success stories on the platform.

Section #7: Style – Pose for a Vogue magazine cover with your new shopping loots.

Workshops and sharing sessions

Just like many other Carousellers who discovered and turned their dreams to reality on Carousell, you too can pick up a new skill or hobby.

Be it gaming or action styling or crafts, there are more than 30 workshops and sharing sessions conducted by passionate entrepreneurs and hobbyists available. Meet them and be inspired by their success stories.

Drink Can Touch Lamp Making Workshop

Learn how to transform soda cans, milo tins and flasks into unique touch lamps from @hey.izzy . Bonus: you can upcycle old materials and save the environment at the same time.

3D Flower Candle Workshop

Learn all about 3D candle crafting from @herracandle, and handcraft your very own coloured 3D flower candle – it makes a perfect gift for a loved one.

UV Resin Jewellery Workshop

Learn all about the different techniques for making UV resin into jewellery from @thecraftsurge, and create unique jewellery by using a combination of UV light, UV resin, colourants, glitter and mica powders!

Visit here for more information about Carouselland.

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