When we think of celebrations we think of food. Any big holiday, gathering, or social situation has food involved. Thanksgiving is a feast of turkey, Easter has a juicy ham, Graduation parties have a bunch of snacks, and you celebrate getting a new job by going out to a fancy dinner.

One thing often found at celebration would be a cake. Whether it is a birthday, wedding, office-party, or anything else that needs a sweet treat, celebration cakes will often make an appearance. It has become a bit of a predictable cliche that a normal and boring cake will be at a celebration, and it is honestly depressingly routine. This post will cover the 3 top reasons it is a stellar choice to have cheesecake instead of normal cake at your next celebration, and after reading them you’ll agree!

It is a Fun Surprise

As discussed above, at this point people expect cake to always be at a celebration. Individuals sigh and accept that there will be yet another cake at YET ANOTHER party and they’ll poke at it with their fork, utterly disinterested. Imagine these individuals being at a party only to find that when the birthday/graduation/anniversary, “Cake,” is unveiled it is a cheesecake!

There will without a doubt be folk commenting how it is a great surprise and surely will be delicious. People will, “Oooh,” and, “Awww,” over the cheesecake, and the party will be memorable thanks to the exciting surprise.

There Are a Wide-Range of Flavours

When having cake there are not that many options you can easily get. There is vanilla, chocolate, marble, red velvet, and carrot cake. Getting anything else is uncommon and a Cake most likely will have one of these flavors at 99% of celebrations. This is not the case with cheesecake.

From a wide-range of crusts, to fun flavors, exciting syrups and toppings, a cheesecake is something with limitless possibilities. There could be a party with a chocolate cake, or a celebration with a cheesecake featuring chocolate shavings, a graham cracker crust, and all kinds of additional delicious elements.

Cheesecake, “Feels,” Exotic

Imagine being at a wedding and everything looks so fancy. There is fine china, gorgeous table settings, and once you go to bite into the wedding cake…it is bland with frosting that tastes like flavorless plastic.

It is a depressing thought, but at this point there is little about a cake that, “Feels,” exotic or fancy. Now imagine being at a wedding and instead of the usual wedding cake they have an assortment of amazing cheesecakes. That would be a wedding with quite the unique and delightful vibe!

Cheesecake: A Stellar Choice for a Fantastic Time

As this piece has illustrated, when it comes to celebration cakes you could have a normal cake, or you could have a cheesecake. A normal cake is predictable, has a small amount of flavors, and feels routine while a cheesecake is a great surprise, has a wide-range of flavors, and feels both exotic and fancy. Clearly your next celebration would benefit from a cheesecake–try it out and your guests are sure to agree!