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What are the major trends to consider for the following year for men?

It is sometimes claimed that appearance matters the least in comparison to intelligence, yet it creates our image and influences the way people see us. Fashion and style are our major influencers in terms of looks and appearance. Bold colors, vivid patterns, experimental gender-neutral silhouettes, classic forms – there is something for every person to choose from. 

What are the major trends to consider for the following year for men?

1. Branded shirts

Such an item of clothing is always popular, as it combines perfectly with a simple and casual outfit like jeans and a jacket. The piece of clothing with the imprint must take the leading position in your image, not overdo it with the color. There’s a plethora of designs from Louis Vuitton or Amiri, however, it’s also possible to order a shirt with your own design, making a unique image. 

2. Wide leg jeans

Jeans are a universal type of clothing as they fit any style and event varying in form. One of the greatest driving forces of fashion is nostalgia, it also took a lead with the type of jeans to wear next season. Wide-leg jeans can help hide all the imperfections of our weight (if necessary) and make our heights visually taller. Wide-leg jeans create a feeling of freedom and free horizons. 

3. Plaids and checks

Plaids and checks don’t really need a specific year to outshine other types of clothing as they have never fallen out of fashion. They can easily be mixed with daily outfits, creating a unique look every time. 

What are the major trends to consider for the following year for men? - Alvinology

Alimart offers a plethora of plaid patterns, letting you choose whatever is more appealing. 

4. Kneated clothes are back in fashion

Knitting is always considered a cold-month outfit however it can be worn all year long as it is highly dependent on the thread used. Bright and colorful sweaters and cardigans can complement any image; the experiment with different patterns, prints, and color-blocking will help to create an individual style. Besides, it really is warm, which is helpful for the unpredictable moodiness of the weather sometimes. 

5. Gender-neutral outfits

The gender-neutral position is a hot topic nowadays. Fashion knows no rules, norms, or divisions for genders, as clothes are universal. Everyone should wear clothes which create a feeling of comfort and confidence. Gender-neutral style takes the lead introducing floral patterns, necklaces, waist belts, skirts, etc. 

6. Knee Length Skirts

Kilts are back, but not just in Ireland. It is one of the hottest trends for men, offering a refreshing look and a great alternative to trousers. The length typically hits the knee, giving enough freedom for movement and covering up the upper part of the legs. It can be perfectly combined with a classic polo or a blazer. The shoes that can fix your look are loafers or chunky sneakers. 

7. Bombers with nature-like patterns

Bombers are nothing but comfort and style. With knitted cuffs and a waistband, they create an eye-catching silhouette. They can be matched with any type of clothes – jeans, trousers, or even chinos. It gives a sense of laid-back freedom. 

One of the features of the upcoming season is a natural pattern. This will probably be the step toward being nature- and environmentally friendly, and a constant reminder, that nature is everywhere and we are bound to save it. 

8. Pearl necklaces

Remember the time when pearls were the sign of wealth of the family that was only worn by women? The world has turned upside-down changing all the outdated views. The pearl necklace combined with a T-shirt or a button-down, and trousers will create a punk-like delicate image. Strangely enough, with all its tenderness, the pearl necklace will only highlight the masculinity of the image.

9. Flared Trousers

Say hello to the 40s and 80s, as the flair goes back to being a perfect complement for a jacket and t-shirt. However, our time adds more color, introducing checks and plaids to trousers. The fabrics are up to you – leather, cotton, linen – anything that fits and feels comfortable. Besides, flared trousers make anyone wearing them taller. 

What are the major trends to consider for the following year for men? - Alvinology

The fashion of the upcoming season knows no limits. The main rule is to avoid rules. Gone are the days when people had to dress according to the standards. Nowadays, your style is a non-verbal way of communicating with the outer world, a perfect way of self-expression. The broader and wider your view is, the better you show your personality. Any choice is acceptable as long as it makes you feel confident and special. 

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