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Who is REA KAMI レア神 Cosplayer?

While she was one of the guests of honor at the recently-concluded Cosfest 2019, people outside the hobby community are asking the question, “Who is REA KAMI?

Alvinology takes a look at cosplayer REA KAMI here.

Who is REA KAMI?

According to her Instagram account, REA KAMI is a female cosplayer, who calls her fans REABOOS, which could be an allusion to the term “weaboos” that mean people who love to watch Japanese animation or anime.

She said that her brithday is March 13 and that she weighs roughly 50 kilograms. She has almost 25,000 followers on Instagram. She said that she is a full-time cosplayer and has a Patreon where you can support her.


What happened to REA KAMI at Cosfest 2019?

REA KAMI was a guest of honor at Cosfest 2019 which was held on July 20 to 21 @Downtown East. According to reports, there were several incidents that happened at the convention. REA had posted about some of them on her Instagram account, and had thanked her REABOOS for seeing her.


Header image from REA KAMI Instagram page.

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