Are you running out of meaningful activities for your kids to enjoy at home during this Covid-19 period? Miss going out to attend theatre performances?

The Theatre Practice launched a three-episode online interactive family show series, HERE COMES KAYA AND ROTI! “Where Are Our Friends?” to reinvent classic Mandarin nursery rhymes as part of the M1 Patch! Festival this year.


Kaya and Roti love to tell stories and sing nursery rhymes. More importantly, they love meeting new friends. But… with everyone stuck at home, what can they do? With the help of their pal Guyou, Kaya and Roti must rally together, get creative and find new ways to connect with their friends.

HERE COMES KAYA AND ROTI! “Where Are Our Friends?” is an extension of Practice’s award-winning work in Mandarin Theatre For Young Audiences.  Get the kids off the couch with sing-alongs, improvisational storytelling, craft sessions and more, peppered with audience participation and live interactions from the cast.

#STAYHOME Theatre Experience

This turned out better than we expected. Asher and I caught the first series and he enjoyed it thoroughly.

Upon the purchase of tickets for the show, an email invite will be sent to the parents on the setup instruction. You just need to visit their website, key in a given username and password and you can enjoy the show LIVE.

Other than the sing-along component, there will be moments during the show when the audience will be invited to chat or interact with the cast. After each show, there will be a follow-up video like these two below, sent via email to engage the audience:

There will also be instructions in the email in both English and Mandarin on what to expect and prepare for the next show to build up the hype for the little ones.

The good thing about watching a theatre performance for Asher and I was that we get to snack on whatever we want and laze on a beanbag in frumpy home-wears while watching the show. We also can sing-along as badly as we want as no one else can hear us!

Of course the online theatre experience will never mirror that of the physical experience, but it wasn’t too bad and we find it pretty engaging and meaningful.

The HERE COMES KAYA AND ROTI! series is part of The Nursery Rhymes Project by The Theatre Practice.

The Nursery Rhymes Project seeks to preserve the classic melodies and stories we grew up loving, while offering a modern refresh for future generations. Each instalment consists of three parts: Sing Our Songs (music album), Paint Our Songs (illustrated lyric book) and Imagine Our Songs (live performance).