Kenny Chan, Jonathan Chan, and Kayson Chan, the brothers behind truffle chips, are bringing the truffle experience to fans in Singapore with their very first boutique at Chinatown point.

Since its launch in late August 2018, the trio has sold more than 100,000 bags of Aroma Truffle’s hand-cooked truffle chips. Every bag comes with bits of Italian Black Summer Truffles.

Truffles from an Italian Farm

The boutique currently retails original and parmesan flavoured truffle chips. The chips’ truffles are air-flown from a partner’s truffle farm in Spoleto, Italy. Kayson and Jonathan claimed to have spent half a year sourcing for the right truffle partners and refining the recipe.

The team experimented with close to 60 recipe variations before deciding on their special truffle flavoured recipe. The main ingredient, Black Summer truffles, has a rich woody aroma with flavours of garlic, wild mushroom and earthy hazelnut undertones.

The bag of chips also includes herbs and spices such as parsley, dill, garlic, and sea salt.

All Things Truffle

At the launch, Aroma Truffle also introduced new recipes such as the:

  • Truffle Butter (Not for sale)
  • Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips (Honey Mustard)

Aroma Truffle plans to launch promotional activities such as giveaways, games, and new products at their boutique soon.;

For more details, please visit here.