A New Chapter in the World of Bars: Submissions for The Pinnacle Guide Are Now Open - Alvinology

A New Chapter in the World of Bars: Submissions for The Pinnacle Guide Are Now Open

The Pinnacle Guide has thrown its doors wide open, inviting bars from around the globe to be part of a revolutionary recognition system. The Pinnacle Guide aims to be the epitome of inspiration for discerning drinkers, providing a clear path to recognition for bars of all sizes and locations.

Open Submissions

Applications are now live for The Pinnacle Guide, a recognition system that classifies bars on a scale of 1 to 3 PINs. Bars of any size in Singapore are encouraged to submit their applications through the official website. Even bars from other countries can express their interest, shaping the future expansion of The Pinnacle Guide.

A New Chapter in the World of Bars: Submissions for The Pinnacle Guide Are Now Open - Alvinology

A Transparent Evaluation Process

Co-founded by Siobhan Payne and Hannah Sharman-Cox, the visionaries behind London Cocktail Week, along with Dan Dove of Global Bartending, The Pinnacle Guide introduces a fair and transparent evaluation process. The rating system is built on a thorough application process, rigorous assessment modules, and anonymous reviews.

Launch in Seven Countries

The Pinnacle Guide is set to make waves in seven launch countries: Australia, Dubai, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Bars across these nations can now showcase their excellence in various categories, ensuring a holistic evaluation that goes beyond the quality of drinks.

Comprehensive Assessment Modules

The evaluation process considers various crucial factors, including front-of-house processes, the drinks program, venue ambiance, staff management, operations, and community engagement. Emphasis is placed on inclusiveness, responsible drinking, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Transparent Self-Nomination

The Pinnacle Guide empowers bars to self-nominate, giving them the opportunity to highlight what they are most proud of—from unique systems to behind-the-scenes infrastructure. This detailed process provides a platform for bars to explain what truly makes them top-tier establishments.

Anonymous In-Person Reviews

Successful applicants undergo a series of anonymous reviews conducted by a judging panel comprising industry experts, renowned mixologists, and bar enthusiasts. This ensures an unbiased evaluation of each establishment, contributing to a level playing field for bars worldwide.

Elevating the Industry

Beyond being a measure of excellence, The Pinnacle Guide aims to elevate the global bar industry by encouraging higher standards. The detailed evaluation process prompts bars to reflect on areas for improvement, fostering an environment of continuous growth and excellence.

Global Consultancy Phase

The Pinnacle Guide’s journey began with an eighteen-month consultancy phase, engaging the drinks community in roundtables and interviews with hospitality luminaries worldwide. This collaborative approach ensures that the criteria for recognition align with the industry’s best practices and aspirations.

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