In a move that surprised no one but is appreciated by everyone, Lawrence Wong may have clapped back at the leaked shady texts between Carrie Wong and Ian Fang.

An Instagram post showed Lawrence quoting an interview he had done with website 8 Days SG, where he may have been subtly referring to the shade the latter two actors had thrown him. Take a look at the post below:

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an excerpt from my latest cover story interview with @8dayssg: . “I’m proud of my whole journey as an actor. To put it bluntly, I started off at the lowest level. I had no backing from a rich company. The TV station didn’t want to sign me. I didn’t come from a competition and was immediately given substantial roles. I really started from the lowest point. Back then I could barely survive and I had to do hosting gigs which I’m not good at. I hated hosting but I had to do it to survive. I stumbled here and there and I honed my craft slowly bit by bit. I made a lot of sacrifices. I ate a lot of shit to slowly become who I am today. So I don’t think it’s just about going to China. I think my whole process, if I dare say, is a good lesson for everyone. No one wanted me. I was really at the bottom.” . during the interview, i didn’t realize i gave the perfect answer to all the naysayers who think that my achievements are due to “good looks”, “connections” or just simply “luck”. #LWmediacoverage

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While he didn’t exactly mention their names or that anyone had ever maligned him or his career, his wording could be a subtle dig at the criticism revealed in the shady texts.

In a previous report by Alvinology, Carrie and Ian discussed Lawrence, wondering why he came back to Singapore if he was popular in China. Ian also said that for Carrie to “win,” she must show Lawrence that looks, luck, and connections aren’t what gave her a boost in her career.

What shady texts?

A YouTube video scrolling through Instagram conversations between Carrie and Ian showed intimate conversations (including sexts) and some comments on Carrie’s newest costar for upcoming Channel 8 drama My One in a Million.

According to Instagram stories by Singaporean queen Xiaxue, Carrie and Ian had been messaging each other in Chinese through social media photo sharing platform Instagram, which she helpfully translated for her followers.

Xiaxue’s screenshot of Carrie and Ian throwing shade at Lawrence Wong

Aside from saying that they miss each other (but not out in the open), they also spoke about Lawrence Wong being cast as Aloysius Pang’s replacement in the Channel 8 drama he was supposed to work on after his ill-fated mission.

What were in Carrie Wong and Ian Fang’s texts? Read about them and see the screenshots here.

Xiaxue also highlighted the fact that Carrie’s interview with the media had her saying that she was excited to work with Lawrence, but when speaking about him in private, she clearly did not feel as optimistic.

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