Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo is proud to announce the strengthening of its collaborative relationship with Sanrio Co., Ltd. to expand facilities and services featuring “Hello Kitty” and other Sanrio characters at our Keio Plaza Hotel Tama.

The hotel will renovate a total of four additional rooms, including two rooms each in the themes of “My Melody” and “Little Twin Stars” (Kiki and Lala) who have been adored by fans around the world since their creation in 1975, to be opened on 15 June 2019, and thereby become the world’s first hotel to operate rooms in these themes on a regular basis.

The Keio Plaza Hotel Tama first opened four theme rooms in November 2014 based on “Hello Kitty”, and the new rooms will raise the total number of Hello Kitty theme rooms to eight. You can now place your reservations for the new My Melody and Little Twin Stars rooms today. Here are the rates:

My Melody room is created in the image of the innocent, cheerful, and loving nature of the character playing hide and seek in a forest. A heartwarming wall relief depicting My Melody wearing a red hood made by her grandmother and playing on a swing made by her father is set against a backdrop of the room interior created to represent a green forest.

The Little Twin Stars room is created with various images of Kiki and Lala playing at the amusement park on clouds. Pillows decorated with clusters of stars are placed on the bed with shades of pink, accentuating the sense of fantasy from the world of “Little Twin Stars.”

Hello Kitty cakes and desserts, drinks, and other foods and services are also served in addition to the rooms. The Keio Line Tama Center train station, which is a one-minute walk from the Keio Plaza Hotel Tama, was renovated in 2016 to include Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters and designs, and two airport shuttle buses stopping near Tama hotel are also decorated with Sanrio characters.

Trains decorated with Sanrio characters began operations from 1 November 2018. Consequently, the hotel will work with the local community and leverage the opening of additional Hello Kitty themed rooms to promote even wider usage by Sanrio character fans from all around the world.