RedMart launches CODE RED Lemongrass Pale Ale Beer – its first-ever collaboration beer, in partnership with Archipelago Brewery.

CODE RED, a pale ale infused with local flavours including lemongrass and jasmine, this limited-edition craft beer aims to celebrate the partnership in creating a uniquely Singaporean craft beer.

According to The Straits Times, Singapore has seen a growing demand for craft beer options and is now home to more than 20 craft beer bars, making craft beer more accessible to first-time drinkers.

As the exclusive online retailer for Archipelago Brewery’s Singapore Blonde Ale since 2016, RedMart wanted to further the relationship in a meaningful way. After six months of product development and trials to perfect the recipe, RedMart and Archipelago came up with the CODE RED Lemongrass Pale Ale, an accessible, local craft brew made by Singapore’s leading craft beer manufacturer, and available exclusively on RedMart.

Brewed and bottled in Singapore for RedMart by Archipelago Brewery, CODE RED Lemongrass Pale Ale is as unique as it is local. Its straw-golden colour comes from the use of pale malts only, while the moderate bitterness is balanced with a light body that creates a crisp aftertaste.

CODE RED Lemongrass Pale Ale has a 4.5-percent ABV.

A limited run of 300 cases (24 bottles per case) of CODE RED Lemongrass Pale Ale has been produced, with the potential for additional production in the future.  The beer is sold in 4-packs ($20.80) and is available exclusively on RedMart.

RedMart and Archipelago Brewery hope to explore releasing an expanded range of collaboration brews in the future, including ales, lagers, pilsners, stouts and porters.