Most people would consider coffee as a staple in their daily routines. No matter how much they try, they can’t function well unless they’re able to have a cup of Joe in the morning—they’re basically dependent on caffeine! If you think you’re one of them, this article is just for you as this can provide information about the best places in the world for you to try coffee. Aside from reading the Home Grounds Coffee Blog, taking note of the content of this article can add new places to your bucket list or possible locations for your next vacation.

Moderate consumption of coffee can provide several health benefits. Coffee can actually improve your mental health, reduce the risk of heart diseases, and increase your fiber intake. If you want to enjoy all of these benefits while basking in new scenery and traditions, plan to visit the following places soon:

1. London for flat white or cappuccino.

London isn’t just famous for Big Ben; today, it’s also being recognized as one of the best cities to have a cup of flat white or cappuccino. More and more coffee shops are offering this product, and you can expect that the competition will become tougher in the coming years. If you’re planning to visit this city any time soon, don’t forget to order your cup of coffee from Caravan and Allpress—these are just two of the most standout cafés in London.

2. Melbourne for piccolo latte.

You might have had your cup of piccolo latte in some coffee shops in your area or attempted to prepare one on your own. But if you want to drink the best of its kind, make sure that you order this coffee from Melbourne. Although their piccolo latte has the same content—warm, silky milk in a small latte glass—the Aussie version is more like a low tide latte as it’s like a stretched Macchiato. It has lesser milk but expect that the espresso still tastes strong.

3. Iceland for latte or cappuccino.

Gone are the days when cafés in Iceland only served food and local delicacies; Iceland also boasts of its wide variety of coffees. If you want to take your coffee like a local, make sure that you order a slice of cake along with your latte or cappuccino.

4. Rome for espresso.

There’s so much to learn and love about the Italian culture. Aside from its rich history and intricate architecture, the Italian culture will never be complete without coffee. In fact, it’ll be hard for you to find a local who doesn’t regularly drink coffee. If you want to drink the best cup of espresso in the world, stop over in Rome. Several local baristas have adapted to modern techniques, ensuring that locals and tourists like you will always have a good time over a cup of coffee.

5. Singapore for cappuccino, latte or mocha.

Just like other countries across the globe, Singapore has also embraced the tradition of creating and perfecting different varieties of coffee. If you genuinely want to live a Singaporean life, take time to try out their cappuccino, latte or mocha. Usually, the taste and presentation of these coffees are the basic criteria for a good café in Singapore.

6. Seattle for cappuccino or espresso.

If you’re looking for a city that takes its coffee seriously, Seattle should be on top of your list. This city doesn’t only serve one of the best coffees in the world, but it also ensures that passion is coupled with every cup of coffee. Although Seattle is almost full of local and international coffee shops, you can be assured that this city continues to strive for improvement and camaraderie despite the tough competition.

7. Austria for cappuccino or espresso.

The coffee houses in Austria weren’t listed by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage for nothing. Once you decide to have coffee in Austria, don’t expect that you’ll only do it inside a coffee shop; you’ll be drinking a cup of cappuccino or espresso while mingling with other people in public living rooms or reading a newspaper while having meals. This is how most locals would drink their coffee so if you want to fully embrace the Austrian culture, you should follow this status quo.

Take Your Taste Buds In An Adventure

Coffee can come in different sizes and flavors. Regardless of your taste preferences, you’ll surely find one that suits you. However, if your taste buds are seeking for new coffee flavors aside from the ones you have at home, go ahead and use this article to know where you should be heading to next!