This city is can be an expensive one, but I know for a fact that no matter how broke or rich you are, food is one of the biggest pleasures for anyone in the country. Especially when it comes to good food – those who can spend, will spend.

Whatever the stresses you might have, a good meal a day keeps the mood swings away. Even if you’re still waiting for pay day, scroll anyway for some food porn and prepare for the upcoming wave of visual goodness.

An aphrodisiac three-way (left to right): Panko, Raw and Crush ($5.40 to $7.90 per piece depending on choice of oyster) 

Most of us prefer indulging raw, but habitat by honestbee surely loves to experiment.

From its selection of 6 types of oysters with varying flavours, texture and bite, you can opt for your oysters to be done in 5 different ways.

Panko – Oyster cloaked in breadcrumbs and mentaiko aioli (mayonnaise seasoned with garlic). Hot and crispy on the outside, it’s rare to bite into a juicy oyster bursting with freshness inside that deep-fried exterior. It’s hard to believe that something so generously breaded could contain something so fresh and fleshy inside.
Panko as a person: That one guy that’s fun and outgoing yet is sweet and in tune with his feelings deep inside.

Raw – Another genius innovation by Chef De Cuisine (head chef) Vincent Ng, the oyster of your choice is topped off with lemon and hot sauce – in the form of jelly strips! While some love to to slurp up the lemon and hot sauce with the oyster, Vincent’s creation has made it hassle-free and put a whole new texture on a sauce that usually floods the oyster shell.
Raw as a person: Edgy millennial and good at being one.

Crush – Crush tasted unexpectedly fresh. Though it simply reads “cucumber granita” on the menu’s description, the flavour of the granita was amazing with the fresh oyster. Sweet, cold, with the taste of that cool green, the cucumber crushed ice and oyster is an amazing combination. We’re truly crushing on this one.
Crush as a person: That unassuming pretty girl-next-door that will probably break your heart.

How else can you have your oyster and eat it too?

There are two more ways for your tastebuds to play: Grill and Thermidor. Opt for Grill, and your oyster will be dashed in shio kombu vinaigrette. As for Thermidor, the heaviest mouthfeel of the 5 ways, you will find bacon, spinach and comté cheese resting on the precious. Grill and Thermidor are perfect for those who’d prefer something heavier aside from Panko.

habitat by honestbee’s Crab salad ($14.90)

Generous chunks of fresh, and most importantly – real crab meat is a really great way to start. Some people simply just can’t stand the taste of coriander. Topped with smoked tomato with a some laksa oil, that large green piece on top of the salad is actually coriander sorbet.

I’m shook, honestly. That’s genius!

Love coriander? Good for you. If you don’t, good for you too. The meatiness of the real crab soaks up the melting coriander sorbet and that decreases the strong taste/smell of the coriander, forming a perfect ratio of coriander and crab meat.

If you’re adamant about not having coriander today while enjoying the rest of your favourite seafood, maybe you can head straight for the door.

habitat by honestbee’s Truffle Udon ($15.90)

The door to truffle heaven!

Drizzled with truffle oil, this rich dish comes umami-packed with shio kombu and chives perfectly scattered on top of the noodles.

In case you’re wondering what shio kombu is, it consists of thin sheets of kelp boiled in soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. It’s eventually dried and cut into small pieces.

habitat by honestbee’s Skate Wings ($18.90)

Steam fish, fry them, or grill them as you wish – but when it comes to skate, overcooking it can ruin the taste and texture once it enters the ocean of your tastebuds.

habitat by honestbee nailed it with this one. The flesh of the skate is firm and fresh, and yet tears apart beautifully when you pick it up with your fork. Resting on a bed of tangy braised leek and paired with the crispy shredded hash that tops it off, this work of art will make your decision of devouring it all easier to bear.

habitat by honestbee’s seafood menu

With all of what habitat by honestbee has to offer, do not hesitate to dive right it into it’s extensive and beautifully curated menu. Their seafood catches and harmonious desserts will have you hooked!

Drop by habitat by honestbee for your groceries and go straight for a seafood bar experience with the super fresh offerings of habitat by honestbee.