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Singaporean Guinness World Record Holder for Push-ups and Pull-ups Rain Chua shares his journey to success

Did you know that a recently-graduated computer engineer from Singapore hold two Guinness World Records? 26-year-old Rain Chua has held the world record for most number of diamond push-ups in a single minute and the most number of pull-ups in the same span of time.

Who is Rain Chua and what Guinness World Records has he broken?

He’s not the only one who is into building upper body strength and training to break world records, as he and his fellow fitness enthusiasts the Bar Brothers hit the gym and public spaces to show off their physical prowess. We caught up with Rain and were able to ask him some questions about his journey to the world records.

What made you decide to take on these two particular records?

My initial goals are to challenge for the most number of push-ups and pull-ups done in one minute. However, there is no “most number of push-ups done in one minute” in the Guinness world record book, the closest I can find is the “most number of diamond push-ups in one minute”.
For some of us who have attempted diamond push-ups before, we realized it is actually difficulty to do a number of them. Hence I see it as a challenge to overcome personally. As I am still training for the most number of pull-ups, I took rear pull up as a form of training to improve my max pull-up count.

How long did it take you to prepare to break the records and what special training did you undergo for each record?

For the diamond push ups, I have train specifically for it for 6 months. This routine includes a max repetitions attempt, followed by 5 sets of 60 diamond push-ups everyday. After which I would continue my normal training routine.
For the rear pull-up, as I have been consistently training for pull-ups, the only thing is to activate my muscle memory to get used to the movement of rear pull up. I’ve replaced some of my training sets of pull up with rear pull up. And this phase of the training is usually to do 10 sets of 10 pull ups under 10 minutes.

What was the process you went through when applying to break the record?

The process to apply for the record is quite tedious. First I have to apply through Guinness world record and wait for their approvals. Following which I have to get two professional judges in the area of physical fitness to validate on my form. Two timekeepers are needed and they must record the time taken up to 0.01 seconds accuracy.

So for these 2 challenges, they have to ensure I did the challenges at at most 60.01 seconds. Otherwise, it will be a disqualification. Next is to get a Guinness world record official to verify the whole attempt. Only then they would determine if you can be entitled to the title.

How did you feel when someone broke your record?

I saw it as a positive motivation for me to try even harder. In Bar Brothers Singapore, we always believe in being the best we can be. So when others broke my record, I see it as a means for me to better myself and to train harder during my training.

What is your message for fellow Singaporeans who want to break Guinness World Records like you?

I think most important is that you must believe in your goals. There will be a lot of naysayers, but hang on to your goals, be determined and go for it. Always remember, despite the naysayers, there will also be another group of family and friends that would definitely cheer you on.

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