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Singaporean computer engineer Rain Chua holds two Guinness World Records for push-ups and pull-ups

Did you know that Singaporeans have someone to be proud of when it comes to Guinness World Records, and it’s in the person of Rain Chua, a computer science graduate from the Nanyang Technological University and data specialist?

According to the Guinness World Records website, Rain Chua has held the record for most number of diamond push-ups in one minute and most rear pull-ups in one minute.

Rain was able to achieve the most number of diamond pushups record last year in January, where he was able to do as much as 84 push-ups in one minute. The website said that he wanted to encourage other Singaporeans to take up the challenge.

As for the rear pull-up record, he was able to get that in September last year, which meant that he was able to get two records for Singapore in the span of one year. For this achievement, he was able to reach 38 pull-ups, and that he wished to inspire other Singaporeans.

Who is Rain Chua?

26-year-old Rain Chua had recently graduated from NTU with a computer science degree, but he turned to health and fitness to make his name known. He and his friend started Bar Brothers, a group that advocates health and building muscle through strength training.

The current titles that he holds aren’t enough to satisfy this fitness enthusiast, so he plans to smash more records and is even helping his other brothers-in-bars achieve their own record-breaking goals.

He and his fellow bar and push-up enthusiasts are fixtures in gyms and street parks showing off their impressive guns and physical prowess. Take a look at some of their activities in and around Toa Payoh:

Rain grabbed the pull-up record from Jaeho Lee, a Korean who was previously able to reach 37 counts in one minute.

Header image from Rain Chua Instagram.



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