At DS French Fair event, the recently launched luxury SUV, the DS 7 Crossback, was promoted using AIQ’s Visual and Video recognition technology.

Used for the first time in this manner of automotive showing, technology enables brands to make their marketing communique and products interactable. Invited guests, after registration, could choose to take a highly personalised ‘discovery journey’ of the bright red DS 7 Crossback on display in the DS 7 Showroom at Alexandra.

This creative manner of using simple, user-centric technology to showcase the finer value propositions and creation of the French luxury SUV, helps each guest get acquainted with the DS 7 on a much more intimate level.

AIQ’s Visual and Video Recognition Technology

AIQ’s visual and video recognition technology is augmented with the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

The company’s technology works best with mobile applications, where anyone will be able to use their mobile devices to scan images and connect with the relevant information online. The technology can be applied across an array of applications and can be used in the Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conventions, and Exhibitions industry, as well as in the retail, advertising, and medical sectors.

In the case of the events, AIQ’s technology enables greater interactivity, allowing attendees and guests to access information onsite at the events, while organisers get to collect relevant and highly targeted user data. Such usage can enhance the user experience and increases engagement due to the experiential difference.

This is how the app works during the DS French Fair Event:


The technology also serves to support environmental sustainability as using the technology reduces paper usage, in terms of the common brochures, pamphlets and forms typically distributed at events.

For use cases of AIQ’s technology, visit here.