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Summerlong revamps kids menu with healthier options

Summerlong revamps kids menu with healthier options

Summerlong, the popular Eastern Mediterranean riverside restaurant at Robertson Quay recently revamped their kids menu, filling it with items made from scratch in-house and healthier options. Parents who prefer their kids to have healthier meals when dining out will now have one more place to go in Singapore. The revamp makes sense as the main menu has lots of healthy options while the previous kids menu were featuring mostly fried or ready-made stuff.

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My son Asher and I went to try out the revamped kids menu together and these are the items we sampled:

Macaroni & Cheese (S$12)

Macaroni & Cheese (S$12)

The Macaroni & Cheese (S$12) was Asher’s favourite. This item is always popular with kids and it is a no-brainer to have it in a kids’ menu. However, how is Summerlong’s mac ‘n’ cheese for kids healthier or better? Instead of the ready-made, microwave variety, the restaurant uses high-quality pasta and a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, making the dish from scratch. Alternatively, there is also the Fusilli Bolognese (S$12) for kids who prefer another pasta option.

Beef Cheeseburger (S$14)

Beef Cheeseburger (S$14)

Grilled Chicken Breast (S$14)

Grilled Chicken Breast (S$14)

For those who prefer meatier options, there are the Summerlong’s Beef Cheeseburger (S$14) and Grilled Chicken Breast (S$14). The mini cheeseburgers are made with toasted buns, house made beef patties and melted cheese, while the grilled chicken breasts remain juicy and flavourful with herb seasonings. For a lighter alternative that still provides kids with a protein-rich meal, opt for the Grilled Fish (S$14).

Grilled Fish (S$14)

Grilled Fish (S$14)

The cheeseburger, grilled chicken breast and grilled fish all come with side salads and fries. Most children are notorious for disliking vegetables, but these side salads are made with leafy greens and thin radish slices, providing a refreshing and crisp complement to the mains. Asher eats his greens, so it was easy to get him to eat them when they are provided as sides.

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I tasted the items together with Asher and found both the grilled chicken and fish pretty tasty. Grilled chicken breast and fish fillet can turned up dry and tough, but this wasn’t the case for both items.

For an additional S$5, you can convert the kids menu item into a set meal with a drink (orange juice or soft drinks) and a scoop of ice cream. I would recommend not adding this on as ice cream and soft drinks are high on sugar and will offset the value proposition of a healthier meal.

In addition to the revamped dishes, the kid’s menu is designed to look like an interactive placemat for kids to doodle, colour and play game while making their order and waiting for their dish to arrive:

At eight years old, the placemat is a little too childish for Asher, but he still fun colouring and decorating for a bit before his food arrived. The younger toddlers at the restaurant love it though.

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Thinking of bringing your little ones to Summerlong? The restaurant’s details are as below:


Location & Contact Details:
60 Robertson Quay #01-04
Singapore 238252

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday – 5:00PM to Midnight
Saturday & Sunday – 10:30AM to Midnight

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