New Ubin is cooking up a local storm in Ramada by Wyndham in Zhongshan Park – a beautiful hotel with a beautiful interior for New Ubin’s new branch in Zhongshan Park.

The cosy yet classy restaurant seats 150 people, located on the ground floor of four-star hotel Ramada by Wyndham Singapore at Zhongshan Park since last year December.  

“This kind of atas tze char nice meh? Confirm bluff one!”

No. The food is l-e-g-i-t.

Prior to this, New Ubin existed as a single, humble tze char eatery in Hillview Avenue, where it continues to thrive and serve out delicious local fare with its own twists up till now.

Foie Gras Egg Special ($10.50)

Get intimate with melty foie gras and gooey rich yolk – New Ubin is changing up the local breakfast scene with your favourite traditional soft boiled eggs with their very own signature Foie Gras Egg Special with truffle salt.

This rich starter should keep you happy, but we know you’d do more than one.

‘HAR CHEONG GAI’ 虾酱鸡 ($18)

These little devils come in 6. New Ubin clearly knows their sh*t when they put chicken wings on the menu.

Everyone loves chicken wings.

How can you run from them?

Sorry, but you can’t.

If you’re gonna sin food-wise, might as well enjoy these deep-fried goodies coated in shrimp paste batter – like a true local.

Known for their seafood, New Ubin also boasts seafood starters on their menu comprising ‘Live Scottish Blue Mussels’, ‘Carabinero Prawns’, ‘Fish Maw & Crab Meat Soup’ and more.


Brinjal Delight: Small ($15), Medium ($20), Large ($25)

Of course, no meal is complete without our greens. (In this case, purples!)

Crispy yet light with the right amount of greasiness, the Brinjal Delight is savoury, sweet and sour, giving you that much needed crunch during your meal with a lil’ bit of spice.

Did you know that brinjals contain water-soluble pigments known as anthocyanins? Anthocyanin has many beneficial antioxidant effects on health and give the brinjal it’s dark, purple colour. The skin of the brinjal is also rich in fibre, potassium and magnesium. So feel free to dig in!

Hokkien Mee Special: Small ($15), Large ($30)

When it comes to local fare, it’s safe to say that Hokkien Mee is one of our Singaporean favourites. Stir-fried in pork and prawn broth and accompanied with generous slices of pork belly, baby squid and clams, one would instantly recognise this dish by the mixture of yellow and white noodle strands.

If you have more than 2 people with you, go for the large Hokkien Mee Special.

Perfectly balanced and bursting with umami, New Ubin’s yummy noodle dish is also wok hei guaranteed – the distinctive touch of every awesome tze char restaurant. This means that the authentic flavour and taste of being cooked in a hot wok is infused with the savoury noodles.

Smoked Pork Curry ($29), serves 2 to 6

Every Singaporean loves their curry. We all eat it with bread, rice and noodles.

You tell your cai fan (a.k.a mixed rice) stall auntie or uncle to add it to your food. Those who ask the auntie or uncle to “ling duo yi dian ka li zhi” (add more curry) every time they buy cai fan will probably go on a hunger strike if curry’s ever taken off the menu.  

If you can’t take spice, you probably prefer Japanese curry.

But this Smoked Pork Curry, you’ve got to try.

House-smoked with love, this tze char creation is a delicious orgy of tender pork belly, eggplant, cabbage, lady’s finger, lemongrass, fried bean curd and curry leaves.

Live Mud Crab: 500g ($48), 800g ($68), XXL – 1kg onwards ($98/kg) (With your choice of cooking method)

Another dish that has garnered the love of Singaporeans since forever is chilli crab. It’s mandatory to dip some deep-fried ‘man tou’ buns (3 pieces for $4) into the savoury and sweet chilli crab sauce.

If you don’t dig chilli crab… thank you, next!

Just kidding, New Ubin wouldn’t pull an Ari on you.

Don’t dig chilli crab? You can opt for your live mud crab to be cooked in black pepper, white pepper, salted egg or have it garlic baked!

Speaking of which, New Ubin Zhongshan Park is having a 3-for-2 crabs promotion. Order 2 and get your third one free, cooked in any way you like.

If your companions still demand for some chilli crab goodness, go for the Classic Chilli Crab Sauce ($12) that serves up to six people and get a load of those deep-fried ‘man tou’ buns!

Banana Gula Melaka ($10)

Last but not least, dessert.

The Banana Gula Melaka is a match made in heaven between slices of banana caramelised with palm sugar and house-made coconut ice cream that will end in a delicious, sticky and creamy mess if you take your own sweet time to eat it.  

Left to right: Alexander Pang & Pang Seng Meng

Behind these impressive dishes stand founder and chief operating officer Pang Seng Meng (popularly known as SM), second generation leadership of chef and chief executive officer Alexander Pang and the Pang family.

“We’ve spent a good part of the last three decades trying to find that ‘Truly Singaporean’ sweet spot – a tze char offering that can satisfy our innate craving for rustic, home-cooked fare, while appealing to a growing appetite for new culinary experiences from around the world,” Alexander shares, who rejoined his father and New Ubin founder, Pang Seng Meng, to helm the business in September 2017, trading an eight-year career in litigation for a culinary calling and an industry he hopes to transform and reinvigorate.

New Ubin Zhongshan Park will be jointly managed and overseen by Alexander and the hotel’s senior management powered with a “New Ubin task force” comprising chefs and service staff from the original Hillview eatery.

This is to ensure that the motivation remains the same across all three existing New Ubin outlets – bringing a ‘Truly Singaporean’ experience that’s rooted in a merging of hearty and innovative tze char, fresh produce and warm kampong-style hospitality.

Just like all New Ubin outlets, New Ubin Zhongshan Park welcomes all guests who bring their own wines and spirits to enjoy with their meal at zero corkage charge, and is the first and only tze char restaurant brand to provide high quality Riedel stemware for maximum, wine-loving enjoyment.

Drop by Ramada by Wyndham for some tze char goodness stirred up by New Ubin Zhongshan Park! Tag them on their socials if you do.

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New Ubin Zhongshan Park

Address: Ramada by Wyndham Singapore at Zhongshan Park, 16 Ah Hood Road, Singapore 329982

Telephone: +65 9740 6870 (Call / SMS / Whatsapp)

Email: [email protected]


Social media: New Ubin Zhongshan Park (Facebook) | @newubinseafood (Instagram)

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday:

Lunch | 12.00pm – 3.00pm (last order 2.00pm)

Dinner | 6.00pm – 10.30pm (last order 10.00pm)

Friday to Sunday:

Lunch | 12.00pm – 3.00pm (last order 2.00pm)

Dinner | 5.30pm – 11.00pm (last order 10.00pm)