If you haven’t seen or tasted Mister Wu’s “Hot for Hot Pot” dinner menu – you should.

It’s always a steamy affair with the tasty soups at this modern teahouse-cum-restaurant: Our favourites were the Crazy Rich Tomato and The Prosperous Pork Collagen.

As the name implies, the Crazy Rich Tomato soup was warm, tangy, savoury all at once and full of tomato flavour that fills one with warmth.

As for the Prosperous Pork Collagen soup, drink as much as you can. In contrast to the full-flavoured Crazy Rich Tomato soup, the Prosperous Pork Collagen soup is a delicious yet lighter counterpart. If you prefer going light over hearty, opt for the velvety Prosperous Pork Collagen soup base. The collagen will also leave your skin silky smooth!

Mister Wu also offers other heart-warming soup base options such as: Truffle Chicken Broth, Tangy Tasty Fish and Spicy Pork Collagen (The spicy version of the Prosperous Pork Collagen).

All broths are simmered with love by the dedicated staff to deliver the best flavours there are – together with your choice of prime meats. If you love beef, you have to try Mister Wu’s Hokkaido wagyu and its leaner partner, the US Short Plate.

Change up the flavours of your dining experience with beautiful fatty ribbons of Kagoshima pork belly and loin shabu slice.

Don’t miss the quality catches at Mister Wu – the restaurant boasts sashimi-grade Jumbo Hokkaido scallops, juicy Hiroshima oysters and Jumbo King Prawns that are really big.

Mister Wu’s Hot for Hot Pot dinner menu is available for a la carte, or as a set for 2 pax. The set is priced at $38 per pax including: A signature soup, an appetiser, a premium meat of your choice, one type of seafood and a side dish of your choice.

Porridge made from mixing rice and leftover Prosperous Pork Collagen hotpot ($38/pax)

End your hotpot with a yummy soup-infused porridge. Whatever soup’s that’s left in the hotpot is mixed with boiled rice. Imagine the full burst of flavour of all the meats and veggies you have cooked with porridge that will warm your heart and stomach!

Pi Dan Tofu ($8)

Another delicious and interesting side dish on Mister Wu’s menu would be the Pi Dan Tofu (Century Egg Tofu). This chilled side dish comprises tofu with a rich century egg sauce. The sauce is heavy, however, you’d be surprised by how the coldness and light taste of the tofu complements the sauce. This combination makes a really clever and yummy side dish.

Aside from hotpot, Mister Wu also offers quality la mian on their their Tycoon La Mian menu series. Imagine la mian, but with premium toppings like premium Hokkaido wagyu steak, lobster roe with king prawns, and even caviar topped with plump, juicy oysters.

If it’s a la mian heaven, it’s Mister Wu. We recommend the Hokkaido Wagyu Steak La Mian and the Chilled Truffle Caviar Oyster La Mian for you truffle lovers!

White Jade Monkey King:White Jade Monkey Tea, Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Sour Plum Shots ($18)

Wash it all down with a selection of eight different iced teas, including several alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

You’ll love the White Jade Monkey King from “Mister Wu’s Signature Chinese Tea Cocktails” menu if you dig alcohol. You can taste the fragrant tea, the alc, and a refreshing hint of sour plum.

Other interesting tea cocktails on the same menu include: Adult Milk Tea, General Gao’s Rose Affair and 20 YO Gunpowder!

Lychee Tea ($6)

If you prefer something non-alcoholic, you can opt for the just the teas. Most of the teas cost $6 per pot but Mister Wu’s aged Pu Er teas may cost more (up till $18), depending of which aged Pu Erh tea you go for.

Mister Wu is a modern Chinese teahouse inspired by tea hero Mister Wu Jue Nong, who was renowned for his impact and influence in the modern tea industry, therefore the name Mister Wu. Mister Wu aims to make tradition-steeped tea accessible to everyone.

If you’re a tea purist, you’ll love the unique variations of Chinese teas from China and Taiwan that Mister Wu has to offer!  

Overall, Mister Wu is the perfect place for a heart-warming dinner with it’s refined yet cozy ambience. If you enjoy Chinese modern fare with a twist, hotpot, beautiful ambience and Chinese themed interior, give Mister Wu a visit and you won’t regret it!

Address: 3 Pickering Street, Nankin St, 01-44/45, 048660

HoursOpens 6PM
Phone: 6781 3833