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5 Tips to Dress Up for A Wedding Without Breaking Your Bank

When you hit your mid-to-late 20’s, almost everyone you know ties the knot and you are invited to their big day. Yes, you are required to dress up for the occasion but don’t go crazy.   With that said, we are going to offer you some tips that will help you pick a dress without breaking your bank account.

1.  Solid Colors and Simple Patterns

It doesn’t matter if this is your wedding day or not; you must be ready for the cameras. Yes, you will attract attention from everyone, so you better look and feel your best. To do this, you need solid colors and patterns.

You best avoid horizontal stripes and instead opt for optional. These patterns will make you look tall.

2.  Wear Finger Tip Length Skirt

Not every wedding takes place in a church. A rule of thumb, if you can wear something to a church, you can wear it to a wedding. Yes, you look dazzling in a mini dress, but a wedding is not the place to wear such clothes. You need to opt for something appropriate.

Dresses and skirts should be at least a fingertip length long as you will need to do a lot of sitting. It’s not right to continuously pull your dress up. It may embarrass you in front of the crowd.

3.  Mind the Venue

Another rule of thumb remember the venue when buying wedding dresses. The wedding venue gives you a lot of cues for what and what not to wear. If you are outside in the middle of summer, then don’t show up like you would for a church wedding.

The wedding venue gives you fundamental cues for what to wear. If it’s a religious event, then you better cover your hair and arms. If it’s a beach even, then get a comfortable and breathable dress.

4.  Guidelines of Reservation

The wedding invitation and reservation offer additional information. Use this information as guidelines for what to wear. Mind the setting and time of the wedding; if the invitation says it’s in the evening, then you know how to dress up. If the event is in the afternoon, then dress casually.

Most invitations these days specify formal clothing. Appropriate attire suggests a white tie or casual. White Tie lies at the top of formal clothing and includes floor-length gown. Black tie means floor length gown or a bit shorter. If you want something casual, try a cocktail dress.

If the request is a casual dress, then you can choose from summer dress or beach wedding dresses. Just follow the guidelines, and you will be fine.

5.  Add a Little Black

It’s correct that black dresses go for every occasion. Therefore, every lady must have an elegant black dress hanging in her closet. You don’t need to buy a new dress for every occasion. Just buy a few basic colors, keep your dress as minimalistic as possible and you will be fine. You don’t need to break your bank to attend a wedding every time.

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