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Beginners Guide To Men’s Style

So you want to become more stylish? That’s great! 

Looking more put together and mature provides more confidence and gives a guy a feeling that he can do anything!

But it can be a little challenging to do a complete wardrobe overhaul and start thinking about clothes differently all of a sudden.

Don’t stress too much, though; there are a few simple guidelines that will help you transform your style. 

Here’s our beginners guide to men’s style. 

Forget high-fashion

Beginners Guide To Men's Style - Alvinology

One mistake many guys make when trying to become more fashionable is turning to fashion websites and magazines. We know it sounds confusing, isn’t it the exact place to look? Not really.

If you want to look great, you don’t need to know the latest trends, wear the craziest new designs or try to become someone else. 

Yes, some guys will look amazing with the pieces straight from the runway, but they are only a few among us. 

We, mere mortals, should focus on clothes that we can wear every day, making us look good without putting the pressure of being trendy.

That’s why simplicity is key. Classic cuts, colours and styles are your best friends. Once you have timeless essentials covered, we can assure you will be a much better dresser.

By the way, adding a custom patch can be simple but an unique style to the outfit. This is the most trendy style these days to use a custom made pathes on outfits like jeans, jackets and stuff.

Focus on the fit 

Beginners Guide To Men's Style - Alvinology

Your next order of business is always to get the right fit. There’s a chance your clothes are too big, too loose or too snug right now. 

This gets your body proportions out of balance and makes even an expensive suit look like a cheap rental. 

If you’re not sure how things supposed to look, get a fashion-savvy friend to accompany you on your next shopping trip or ask the store assistant’s help. That’s why they’re there! 

Lastly, bring the more expensive items like suits to a tailor. It will make a world of difference! 

Invest in new quality pieces

Beginners Guide To Men's Style - Alvinology

If you’re on a journey to become more stylish, you probably know that you’ll need to invest a little money to get the desired result. 

To assess what you need, take all your clothes out of the closet; it will make it easier to understand which items are still good and what you need to buy.

Now, when we say invest, we mean buying a few more expensive items that will look good and last you years and not raiding a fast-fashion store and stocking up on piles of cheap stuff.

Focus on quality and longevity – a couple of really nice dress shirts are always better than ten trashy ones.

No more graphic t-shirts

Beginners Guide To Men's Style - Alvinology

Whenever you wear a logo or graphic t-shirt, you either look like you’re in college or are on your way to a UFC fight.

It’s time to say goodbye to your graphic t-shirts (or store them as nostalgia items) and transition to monochrome pieces that make you look grown-up and sophisticated. 

Go for neutral and classic colours like black, white, navy, or grey that will work with anything. 

Don’t forget the quality rule and shop the latest crew necks online at

Wear a watch 

Beginners Guide To Men's Style - Alvinology

Yes, we know you have your phone, but it’s not just about being able to tell the time! A nice watch is an invaluable piece of a man’s wardrobe, and it can be the only accessory you’ll ever need.

Accessories are a good way to spruce up even otherwise a dull outfit.

A watch needs to be an investment piece so take a moment to think which style will work best for you. Our suggestion is always choosing high-quality metal or leather for all-year-round wear, and canvas strap watches for summer.

Get good shoes 

Beginners Guide To Men's Style - Alvinology

If there’s one thing you should always invest in, it’s your shoes. Yes, they will cost more, but trust us, you’ll wear them for years. 

Good shoes also are an essential piece for a well-put-together outfit, and cheap ones can ruin even the best efforts. 

Little by little, build your collection with the classics like Oxfords, loafers, round-toe shoes, white sneakers, and Chelsea boots. 

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