HomeAway reveals the HomeAway Asia 2018 Trend Report that revealed the most popular Asia travel destinations for Singaporean families and friends, as well as key features of accommodation types they searched for during 2018.

Top Asian Holiday Home Rental Destinations for Singaporeans in 2018

Based on the report findings, Singaporean travellers usually visit Bangkok, Thailand for its warm hospitality, vibrant nightlife, food, and affordable shopping.

Some culture-enthusiasts also love to visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia due to its unique combination of man0made structure and natural attractions which ranges to different cultures such as Malay, Chinese, and Indian.

The K-Pop sensation in Singapore also made Seoul, South Korea as one of the trending spots to visit for Singaporeans. Seoul is incredibly rich in history.

Trending Features That Singaporean Travellers Looked for In A Holiday Home Rental

The top three amenities that Singaporean travellers searched for in their HomeAway properties were air-conditioning, kitchen, Wi-Fi access, washing machine, and a child-friendly environment.

Singaporeans also prefer to stay in apartments, houses, and villas over hotels and resorts. There is also an increase in interest in unique accommodation stay experiences like treehouses (+100%), cabins (+50%), and cottages (+50%).

Singaporean travellers also started travelling in small groups, around 3 or 4 people, for an average duration of 4 or 5 nights. They have also become spontaneous in their travel destinations by booking the accommodation very close to their desired date.

The HomeAway Asia 2018 Trend Report was developed based on HomeAway holiday home demand data for a 12-month period ending November 30, 2018.