Level Up Your Presents With These Unique Gift Wrappers


You know what time of the year it is. Every major mall in Singapore is blasting Christmas music, Orchard’s street decor is the subject of a debate on whether Disney is appropriate for the season…Yep. It’s Christmas all right. And that means it’s the season of giving! Giving what, you ask? Presents, of course!

Now, when you give someone a gift, it’s customary to wrap it up nicely, ideally with wrapping paper. You get bonus points if you use a wrapping paper with a pretty design. You could give your recipient their gift without wrapping it, but that kind of ruins the element of surprise.

For that very special someone, don’t settle for plain old “I bought stuff at the mall so they gave me a roll” wrapping paper. Go the extra mile and get some boutique wrapping paper with unique designs. Check out these adorable and quirky wrappers from JIN Design, a UX UI design agency.


Snowy Day

While we may never experience snow in our lifetime due to Singapore’s tropical climate, it doesn’t stop us from enjoying images of snow-filled winter wonderlands. This snowy scene is done in pretty pastel pinks, lending a gentle yet whimsical touch. The snowdrifts are reminiscent of strawberry ice cream. A cheery snowman takes up his post outside the hut, and Santa’s reindeer looks ready to deliver presents.

This design is available as either a wrapping paper or an A6 postcard.


Snowy Night

What if your recipient isn’t the biggest fan of pink? Perhaps this night-time counterpart to Snowy Day is more their style. The bright cheery pinks of daytime are replaced by a soothing, calming blue. This peaceful winter night scene has a serene, quiet charm to it. Even though it’s snowing, it feels warm and cozy.

Just like Snowy Day, this design is available as either a wrapping paper or an A6 postcard.



Peekaboo! No Christmas ensemble would be complete without Santa’s little helpers. These diligent elves work hard during Christmas to make sure Santa’s gift-giving goes smoothly, so JIN Design is honouring them with their own postcard. Send a message to a family member or loved one who is overseas on this charming postcard, which features two cheeky elves and friendly gingerbread men.

This design is only available as a postcard.


Santa in SG

Popular culture often depicts Santa shimmying down chimneys in the dead of night on Christmas Eve and leaving presents under the tree. In Singapore, there aren’t any houses with chimneys or fireplaces – it’s already hot enough as it is! This design offers a take on what it would be like for Santa in Singapore. Even Father Christmas is not spared from the ERP while delivering presents. Perhaps he might want to try personal mobility devices instead to avoid fees.

This design is available as either a wrapping paper or an A6 postcard.


Jolly Christmas

If you’d like something a bit more traditional, check out the “Jolly Christmas” design. Here on a snowy background with an assortment of Christmas trees, Santa is joined by an adorable corgi and cat. Perfect for those animal lovers in your lives! This design is perfect for those who want something more minimal, but with just a hint of whimsy.

This design is available as either a wrapping paper or an A6 postcard.


Christmas Characters

This design features a large ensemble of classic Christmas characters and icons. Everyone is here – from Santa himself, to Frosty the Snowman, and even a friendly polar bear and penguin! Wreaths, candy canes and roast turkey set the mood for celebration. Perfect for spreading Christmas cheer.

This design is available as either a wrapping paper or an A6 postcard.


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