Enjoy $30 off with PROMO CODE when you book your hotel with ChangiHotels by Changi Recommends, or get FREE Wi-Fi for each day of hotel booked!

To provide even greater convenience for travellers, Changi Recommends, one of Singapore’s favourite travel brands, just introduced ChangiHotels, a savings-savvy hotel booking site with straightforward, upfront prices and best of all – free Wi-Fi for each day of hotel booked with ChangiHotels.

This effectively solves two of the biggest concerns for travel – accommodation for when you are resting and Wi-Fi to stay connected when you are out and about. Nifty!

An addition to Changi Recommends’ current lineup, which includes the highly popular ChangiWiFi, Attractions & Tours, HyfeAssure (travel insurance) and Airport Transfers just to name a few, ChangiHotels represents the accommodation aspect in Changi Recommends’ aim at being the one stop site for all travel services that you and I will ever need. This allows us travellers to book almost all our travel necessities from one retailer, saving us time and effort needed to scour through various sites and having to reach out and purchase from them individually. Just let Changi Recommends recommend and get everything done for you.

I went on a trip to Seoul, South Korea two weeks ago and used the ChangiHotels service to book my accommodation at Mercure Seoul Ambassador Gangnam Sodowe, a business hotel conveniently located within 2 minutes walk to the Yeoksam subway station, just one stop away from Gangnam station. There’s also a airport shuttle bus stop within a minute walk from the hotel, making it ultra convenient for airport transfer.

Mercure Seoul Ambassador Gangnam Sodowe
Mercure Seoul Ambassador Gangnam Sodowe
View from the hotel on the 9th floor
View from the hotel on the 9th floor

Just like any other travel accommodation website, you can filter through the ChangiHotels site by setting your preference on price, location and other consideration points. The difference is that upon check out, you will find the final prices to be exactly the same as the listing page – no hidden charges! This is something that most hotel booking sites are notorious for – cheap hotel listings that suddenly double in price at the final check out page, thanks to various taxes and whatnot. Additionally, at ChangiHotel’s check out page, you will also be prompted to collect your complementary travel Wi-Fi router at the Changi Recommends service counter of your choice at Changi Airport.

I find this particularly helpful as it helps you to get two things done in one go – Wi-Fi and accommodation are both booked and ready with just one step.

Yes to Free Wi-Fi!

Boasting a wide range of essential travel services, Changi Recommends launched its newest addition, ChangiHotels to further enhance convenience for travellers. The service offers more than 170,000 affordable accommodation options at over 5,000 destinations with a clear-cut pricing mechanism. To differentiate itself from other hotel booking sites and to stay true to its value proposition of convenience for travellers, ChangiHotels hence offers free Wi-Fi for each day of accommodation booked with them.

With this ChangiHotels service, no more last-minute scramble to book a travel Wi-Fi router or get a local SIM card at the airport. The Wi-Fi is settled for you when you book your hotel, saving you time and energy which you can better use to enjoy your trip.

Transparent Pricing

Nobody likes bill shocks and the folks at ChangiHotels pride themselves for their upfront pricing – what you see is what you will pay. Keeping to its promise of transparent, final prices on its check out page, ChangiHotels eliminates the trouble of having to calculate and factor in various unspecified costs or, worse, getting a shock by an unforeseen surcharge upon paying. Even taxes like VAT are included in the total price to present travellers like you and me with the fullest price for us to make clear and informed selections. Bookings can also be easily customised with special requests to suit any requirement.

Bolstering this new launch, ChangiWiFi is offering day-for-day complementary Wi-Fi rental when travellers book their accommodation with ChangiHotels. This promotion is applicable for hotels above SGD$150 per night for Asian destinations and SGD$250 per night for Europe and other regions. Each night of the respectively priced hotel booking will entitle for one day of complementary ChangiWiFi.

WhatsApp Query

To enhance their customer care services, Changi Recommends recently added in a number for customers to WhatsApp in for enquiries and quotes at +65 9014 0378. This is a great move as it makes it more convenient for travellers to reach them when you are in a foreign country and may not have access to a laptop/PC or don’t want to make a voice call due to the cutthroat roaming fees.

To book or browse the offerings from ChangiHotels, visit www.ChangiHotels.com for details. 

Special Promo Code for Alvinology Readers

In a special partnership with Changi Recommends, we are providing readers with S$30 off your next hotel booking with ChangiHotels with the promo code ALV30 (valid till 31 Dec 2018 and with a minimum spend of S$300). Note that this offer is limited to the first 100 customers – hence use it fast before it is all taken up!

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