My son Asher turned seven this year and we organised a Super Heroes themed birthday party for him. The centrepiece of the celebration was a customised Super Heroes themed cake which we got from BakeAvenue, a home-grown bakery brand in the heartland of Hougang.

What we like about BakeAvenue is that you can order a highly customised baked product from them at a very reasonable price. If you seen an existing cake design which you would like them to replicate, you can show it to them and they will quote you accordingly. Alternatively, if you trust them enough and prefer to be surprised by them, you can give them a brief and an estimated budget and BakeAvenue will work something out for you, hassle-free.

For Asher’s birthday, my brief to BakeAvenue was for it to be Super Heroes themed and enough to eat for 20 kids. Budget was set at S$300 for everything and that was it. They asked me who Asher’s favourite hero was and I told them he like Iron-man the best. I was given a choice of strawberry or chocolate filling cake, of which Asher chose the former. That’s all the details they need from me.

This was what BakeAvenue delivered on Asher’s birthday:

The cakes, macarons and cookies look amazing don’t they?

They tasted really good too and the kids love the rainbow interior of the cake, coloured with natural food colourings. The Avengers macaron toppers were a big hit and all the kids wanted to get their hands on them. Luckily, there were the smaller macarons to go around for those who did not manage to get the giant ones.

I was very satisfied with the work done and emailed BakeAvenue to request for a detailed breakdown of each of the items description to share here:

Super Hero themed Cake

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The birthday cake was a 10-inch Strawberry Shortcake and hand-pipped according to the Avengers theme. It was topped off with 4 different Avenger characters (Iron-man, Hulk , Captain America and Spider-man) giant macaron toppers.

All the 4 macaron characters were intricately hand-piped and filled with chocolate. Even the Iron-man arc reactor at the front of the cake was made of macaron shell.

Cost: $160

Super Hero Macarons

The Avengers theme face macarons with the same four characters as the main birthday cake were also freestyle hand-piped. The macaron fillings featured a mix of flavours like Salted Caramel, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate, and Rose.

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For BakeAvenue, their macarons cost would range from $3.50-$3.80 each, depending on the complexity of design.

Cost: $90

Super Hero Cookies

The individually wrapped Super Hero themed round cookies with various Super Hero edible images cost $3 each and were great as party giveaways. We ordered a total of 20. The kids love these and some packed theirs to bring home.

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Cost: $60

BakeAvenue is founded and helmed by Kristin Chai, a mummy baker who turned her passion into a career by opening up her own brick and mortar shop and her mum, Irene Tan, a seasoned home cook and baker with over 30 years of experience.

They sell a wide range of baked products. Other than customised items, BakeAvenue also offer hand-crafted standard cakes (like Pandan Gula Melaka, Pandan Kaya Cake, Rainbow cake, Ombre cake, Strawberry Jelly Heart Cheese cake and more) and various selections of macarons, cupcakes and cookies. Visit their online store to find out more.

BakeAvenue has an established pool of regular customers who go back to them because of the quality delivered and their personalised service, all at a great value. They are one of the first cake businesses in Singapore to start making macaron topper cakes and as such, are one of the industry leaders.

Large-size macarons are not easy to make due to the brittle nature. For complex designs like the Super Hero characters, the difficulty increases a the designs have to be crafted entirely out of the fragile macaron batter.

Other than taking orders for customised macarons, cookies and cakes for all types of occasions from corporate events to birthdays to weddings, BakeAvenue also conduct baking classes helmed by Irene. All of their baking classes include BakeAvenue’s own home recipes, the ingredients to be used, baking equipment, utensils and packaging required. You don’t need to bring anything to the class and just to have to show up.

To make an order from BakeAvenue or find out more about them, visit their official website or pop by their physical store.

BakeAvenue Singapore

Address: Blk 6 Hougang Ave 3 #01-66 Singapore 530006
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: 88129040

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday 09:00 – 19:00
Saturday 09:00 – 18:00

How to get there:

Bus no. 53,72,81,87,112,151 or
Train to Hougang MRT and change bus no. 72 , 87 , 112 , 151 or
Take train to Kovan MRT and change bus no. 81 , 112 .