HEYTEA 喜茶 is set to launch its first-ever overseas store in Singapore - Alvinology

HEYTEA 喜茶 is set to launch its first-ever overseas store in Singapore

Cheese tea lovers, rejoice! HEYTEA, the original inventor of cheese tea and the number one contemporary tea connoisseur is making its first-ever overseas foray, and it has chosen Singapore as the country to do so. HEYTEA is China’s most popular iconic tea brand. The original and high-quality cheese tea is loved by many and has been set as a benchmark in the tea industry across the entire country — In China, consumers often wait in a long queue to buy it. Now, you can enjoy this famous beverage by the first and original inventor right here in Singapore.

HEYTEA 喜茶 is set to launch its first-ever overseas store in Singapore - Alvinology

HEYTEA, which translates to “happy tea” and connotes positivity, is founded by Nie Yunchen in 2012. HEYTEA was his commitment to rejuvenating and internationalizing the traditional tea culture. Driven by the aim of ushering in a new tea revolution to capture the heart of the millennials, he spent over a year changing formulas and developing new creative fusion teas before HEYTEA was born. Under his innovative leadership, HEYTEA became the largest iconic tea-brand in China. HEYTEA is now widely available throughout the country. HEYTEA boasts over 100 outlets in major commercial districts across 16 major cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The popularity of HEYTEA cannot be underestimated, as each outlet sells anywhere between 2,000 to 3,000 cups every day – that’s about 3 cups per minute!

One can say HEYTEA completely revolutionized tea-drinking. “INSPIRATION OF TEA” is the brand concept of HEYTEA, which contains key elements such as COOL, INSPIRATION, Zen, DESIGN. The overall modern brand style has successfully captured the fascination of the millennials.

HEYTEA 喜茶 is set to launch its first-ever overseas store in Singapore - Alvinology

The brick-and-mortar spaces of HEYTEA is an accurate representation of the brand’s philosophy. With a strong focus on the overall customer experience, elements evoking inspiration are cleverly integrated throughout HEYTEA’s interior. In addition to the basic standard stores, HEYTEA has fanciful thematic retail stores such as HEYTEA LAB, BLACK Gold, PINK and DP Shop Theme (HEYTEA Day Dreamer Project). In the HEYTEA DP project, HEYTEA collaborated with top independent designers from all over the world. Engaging these expert global designers from different fields is one of HEYTEA’s active efforts to explore the limitless possibilities of space design. Through its aesthetically beautiful outlook, HEYTEA seeks to enhance the customer experience, and thereafter make modern tea consumption both unique and trendy.

Stringent quality control to ensure top-notch offerings

This success is largely attributed to HEYTEA’s commitment in adhering to high standards and the use high-quality raw ingredients. These are key ingredients used to create HEYTEA’s beverages: high quality tea leaves from different regions, fresh fruits, natural rock sugar and natural cheese. HEYTEA procures the different tea leaves from their places of origin, and exercises quality control across all aspects of the tea-leaf productions, from soil inspection to taste of the tea.

The natural rock sugar it uses is low in calories, making HEYTEA’s offerings perfect for the health-conscious millennials. HEYTEA does not use any vegetable butter or milk powder in its cheese. Its cheese is produced from imported New Zealand Anchor cheese.

HEYTEA 喜茶 is set to launch its first-ever overseas store in Singapore - Alvinology

Savour HEYTEA’s famous offerings as well as a new product exclusively available in Singapore

“Tea culture has a long and rich history in China but tea appreciation is a lost art among the millennials. Tea unfortunately lost its appeal as millennials were put off by its bitter taste coming from the tannins of the tea leaves. As such, we added a layer of cheese atop the tea, and later found that the frothy layer not only helped to mask the bitterness, but gave an interesting salty depth to the flavour profile. The cheese tea was an immediate hit when it first launched! Till this day, the combination of tea and cheese remains popular among millennials, especially for the range of Season Limited and Fruit Burst,” says Yunchen, Founder of HEYTEA

HEYTEA Singapore is committed to deliver delicious and healthy beverages of the same high standards as their counterparts in China. They will continue using high-quality raw ingredients for their beverages. HEYTEA Singapore has a wide range of offerings catering to different palates: Cheezo Tea, Season Limited, Strawberry & Mango Family, Fruits Burst and more. Desserts will be available as a perfect accompaniment to its tea. Keep your eyes peeled as there will also be an exclusive item launched for the Singapore market!

HEYTEA 喜茶 is set to launch its first-ever overseas store in Singapore - Alvinology

Since the invention of cheese tea, HEYTEA has emerged as a trendsetter and market leader in the tea industry. Here are some of the products that have won the hearts of tea lovers.

King Fone Cheezo Tea: This offering uses premium oolong tea leaves that have been specially harvested for HEYTEA. The tea leaves have undergone a special smoking process that brings out their fragrance. Of an enticing yellowish hue, the offering leaves a strong, lingering oolong flavour with a sweet finish on the palate.

Jade Dew Cheezo Tea: The tea leaves used in this beverage are sourced from Shizuoka Province, Japan, and they are the highest- grade varietal of Japanese tea leaves. The tea is extracted through a long simmering process. At the first sip, one can already taste the rich flavours of seaweed and matcha. The foamy cheese cap enlivens the delicate note of the tea.

Ever Spring Cheezo Tea: This drink boasts a clear, pleasing colour. It has a hint of natural floral fragrance; the earthiness of the tea is also beautifully complemented with the sweetness of cane sugar. The classic note of green tea further accentuates this extremely delicate tea.

HEYTEA 喜茶 is set to launch its first-ever overseas store in Singapore - Alvinology

Grapefruit Burst Tea: The prettiest of HEYTEA’s offerings, this drink is one for the Instagram! Its robust flavours are thanks to the use of natural ingredients and sweeteners. The jasmine tea delights with its floral, subtly sweet and highly fragrant notes. Slices of grapefruits are also added to this beverage, and the layer of shaved ice helps temper the natural bitterness of the fruit.

Orange Burst Tea: The sister of the Grapefruit Burst Tea, this offering calls for juicy slices of oranges and lemons. Also using a green tea base and natural sweeteners, the Orange Green Tea brims with vitamin C and has a refreshing flavour.

Strawberry Cheezo Tea: One of HEYTEA’s most popular drinks, the beverage is a marriage of specially selected strawberries and green tea base. Many strawberries are used, and hence this drink promises a berry sweet, full-bodied taste with every mouthful. This drink is prepared à la minute to ensure freshness.

Very Grape Cheezo Tea (More Pulp): Every single grape used in this drink is painstakingly peeled by hand. It showcases a winning trio of sweet juicy grapes, rich Yunfeng tea base and creamy cheese foam cap. Sweet, fruity, refreshing!

HEYTEA 喜茶 is set to launch its first-ever overseas store in Singapore - Alvinology


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