Ever wonder why so many male K-pop stars have perfect face shapes with slender, sharp noses and well-defined jawline? Well, if they are not born beautiful, there’s always the help of surgical enhancement from some of the best plastic surgery clinics in the world.

With men’s rhinoplasty and two-jaw surgery from an established Korean plastic surgery clinic like REGEN GANGNAM, you can also look like a K-pop star.

What is men’s rhinoplasty?

This surgical procedure makes men’s nose into a naturally straight line to give a trendy, charming appearance. Unlike women’s nose where the line goes into a crescent shape, men’s nose is completed through a natural straight line.

The most important factor in a rhinoplasty is the angle between nose and lips/nose and forehead. The angle between the nose and forehead should ideally be more than 130 degrees and less than 115 degrees, while the Nasolabial angle (between the nose and the lips) be no more than 110 degree and less than 90 degree. Yes we need to be this precise to achieve that perfect symmetry.

At REGEN Gangnam, a dedicated appointed doctor will be assigned to you from before to after the surgery to ensure you get the best care and support. They also have a Nose specialist medical team, committed to produce the best rhinoplasty results and for fast recovery with no bruises and swellings.

If you are interested to find out more about men’s rhinoplasty and make a free price enquiry, visit their official website for more details. 

What is a men’s two-jaw surgery?

Men tend to have larger bone frames than women, presenting a rougher and less trendy appearance. A two-jaw surgery is done to give you that trendy K-pop idol adorable through adjustments made to your jaw and teeth. For some with protruding or weak, small jaws, the surgery helps to correct the abnormal facial line for both aesthetic and functional reasons.

Two-jaw surgery is done to produce an ideal jaw shape that is proportionate to the overall ratio of the face, improving the face functionally and aesthetically.

It needs to be safely carried out through a full medical check-up, diagnosis and holistic system of plastic surgery, dental surgery and orthodontist, which REGEN Gangnam is able to do so.

Compared to men’s rhinoplasty, the men’s two-jaw surgery is a more complex procedure. People go through this surgery for both functional and aesthetic reasons.

If you are interested to find out more, visit REGEN clinic’s official website for more information and to get a free price enquiry online. 

Why choose REGEN Gangnam?

The three head doctors who established REGEN Gangnam used to be professors from Seoul University Hospital. REGEN has a good track record of having been awarded the Grand Award in the plastic surgery field for 5 years in a row from 2010 to 2014 in the Medical Korea customer satisfaction index.

REGEN Gangnam also offers specialists in each filed, depending on the specific procedure you want, ranging from two-jaw operation to men’s rhinoplasty.

You can find out more about them via their official website.